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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As a proud, honored, slightly certifiable Potterhead (Potter speak for super dedicated fan), I feel it is my responsibility, my rightful duty to preach the gospel of Pottermore! What exactly is Pottermore, say you? Ah, I’m so glad you asked. Pottermore is an interactive website developed by my queen J.K. Rowling (and other techy interwebs peoples I’m sure), for the fans. It is, as the website describes, a totally new and interactve way for fans to rediscover the books. Apparently, it’s a way for fans to experience what it would be like to actually go to Hogwarts: you are sorted into houses, given a wand, attend classes, and earn house points. Basically, it’s a Potterhead’s dream come true.

The site opens to everyone in October, but a few weeks ago, one million lucky fans got the chance to gain early entrance. Pottermore hosted a Magical Quill Challenge, where a clue was revealed once a day for seven days, and fans had to figure out the clue to be able to register. Now, as a loyal fan I just had to accept the challenge, which I did. Come day one, I was ready, and I mean ready. I had my round Harry glasses on, I studied the books all day, I discussed trivia with other fans, and I stayed up ALL night waiting for that clue…you may think I’m kidding, but I seriously wore the heck outta those glasses that night…they made me feel magical. And at about 5:30 am, I answered the clue and registered. Then came the waiting. First, I had to wait for my confirmation email, which I eventually got. Then the real waiting started. About a week ago, Pottermore started sending out Welcome Emails which granted users access…I have yet to receive mine. And It. Is. Killing. Me! Which has inspired today’s haiku:

Pottermore: Why You Hate Me?
The emails were sent
Bloody Errol must have mine
So now I wait…wait...

I know I’m not the only S.P.E.W (Society of Pottermore Email Waiters) member still waiting for that coveted email. I hear people, who have gotten their emails, talk about how fun and awesome Pottermore is and I’m just like:

Can I tell y’all a secret? Promise you won’t laugh? I’m kinda, sorta worried that maybe I’m just a plain ol’ Muggle, or worse a umm*whispers* a Squib. There I said it! *sobs* I don’t wanna be a Muggle or a stupid squib though. *stomps foot* I wanna be a witch! Damn you Pottermore!!!

Please note that as soon as I do receive my Welcome Email and am finally granted access into the glorious, magnificent realm that is Pottermore, we will all pretend that I never said a single angry, miffed word to or against Pottermore and that I always and only spoke of it as one speaks of unicorns, puppies, and 89 cent tacos: with awe and reverence. Okie dokie artichokies?

If you are one of the lucky ducks who has already gotten into Pottermore, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Is it awesome? Is it magical? Is it better than ice cream?

Oh btw my Pottermore username is SnitchPixie166.

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