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Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Insert Squee Here

I am NOT a squib
 Queen Rowling declared it so
I am NOW a witch

As you can tell, I recieved my Pottermore Welcome Email today. Upon recieving this pleasant surprise I reacted in the most dignified manner, or course, with the upmost decorum. There was no squeeling or jumping up and down or loud exlaimantions declaring that my awesomeness level had just reached a level on par with ice cream, Chuck Norris, and ninjas. No, no, there was none of, is anyone actually buying my bologna? Show of hands *looks around as everyone sits on their hands and raises their eyebrows at me*. Aww shucks, you lovely cupcakes know me so well. Ok, ok, so here's a more realistic depiction of how I may of reacted:

I haven't had a chance to get on Pottermore and play yet, cause I knew once I got on I'd never want to give off. So I told myself that I had to get all my important, serious, must-do stuff done today before I allowed myself to get on. So I don't know what House I'm in yet, but I will let you know tomorrow. If you're also on Pottermore, please leave comment with your username and house so I can add you as a friend on Pottermore (if we can do that). I'm SnitchPixie166

Hope to see some of you around Hogwarts!

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