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Monday, July 30, 2018

Guest Post: 10 Of The Best Books Of 2018 For Every Bookworm In Your Life (#Sponsored Post)

10 Of The Best Books Of 2018 For Every Bookworm In Your Life 

In the words of Jhumpa Lahiri, “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” These words ring true for every bookworm in your life, including yourself if you are one. A cup of coffee, a good book, and a quiet corner of your home, and the bookworm is more than happy to spend hours absorbed in the pages. The readers like these get more excited about the arrival of a new book rather than the next trendy blazer coat in the market. So, are you planning to gift some amazing books to that ardent reader in your life? Or are you a book lover yourself? If yes, then get hold of these top ten books of this year that are a must-read for everyone. 

1. Autumn by Ali Smith 
You know it must be on your reading wish list when it has been shortlisted for the prestigious Man Booker Prize of this year. This is a bestseller that chronicles the tale of an amazing friendship between a gifted kid and an elderly songwriter. The book is the first of the four upcoming volumes. A review from Guardian called it a “transient symphony” and one of the greatest among the post-brexit novels. Get your hands on this now! 

2. The Spring Girls by Anna Todd 
Is the cult book ‘Little Women’ still one of your favorites? If yes, then you will absolutely love this book. This one is an adorable retelling of the classic story of March sisters, written in the signature style of the author. The story is full of drama, romance, and sass and gives you the chance to revisit the lives of the March sisters.  

3. My Ă€ntonia by Willa Cather 
Ă€ntonia Shimerda, the bold daughter of Bohemian immigrants, is the central character of the story. It tells the story of her life and the struggles of her family in exquisite and free-flowing prose. Willa Cather, in one of her best works, paints a poignant story of the landscape of west America and the stoical folks who reside there. This is one is a quiet salute to the indomitable human spirit that rises against all the odds. 

4. Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday 
The controversy around this book stems from the fact that one of the main protagonists seems to be based on the late Philip Roth. It looks at the world after 9/11, where a young book editor falls in love with an older and highly revered novelist. On another parallel storyline, there is an Iraqi-American researcher stuck in TSA purgatory who looks back at his earlier life. These two distinct parts have been brought together into a perfect whole to create a masterpiece of a story. 

5. Circe by Madeline Miller 
From the revered writer of The Song of Achilles, comes another extraordinary tale steeped in Greek myths and mythologies. This time, Miller tells the story of Sun God Helios’ disfavored daughter Circe and her wandering life through centuries. The familiar themes of witchcraft, romance, and family feuds find a fresh new spin in this deeply engrossing story. Circe’s attempts at finding independence resonate with every woman across the globe.,204,203,200_.jpg 

6. The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton 
Pick out this book if blood and gore do not scare but in fact, intrigues the bookworm in your life. Young, beautiful, and rich Evelyn Hardcastle gets murdered during a party in her ancient home. Aiden is entrusted to solve the mystery of the murder, and he does so by putting himself in the shoes of each guest and repeating the horrific incident over and over again.  

7. Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi 
Mental illness has hardly been seen this way ever before. This is a story of a Nigerian woman who is struggling with psychological illness, and it is told from the perspective of the voices in her head. The writer also amalgamates the stories from Nigerian mythology to make the tale more poignant. The illness is not ostracized, but rather it has been given a mystical viewpoint, based on spirits and gods.  

8. Brave by Rose McGowan 
Rose McGowan, the powerhouse actress, made the world sit back and take note with her role in the movie Harvey Weinstein scandal. Brave is the memoir of the actress who is not just a talented artist but also a beautiful and brave soul. She fought to survive and come out of the polygamous cult that she was born into. Hollywood to her was like coming of age and finding her own place in the world. 

9. I'll be gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara 
Michelle McNamara did not live to finish this masterpiece of crime fiction, but she did leave her fans something that they will cherish for the longest time. The story is a gripping depiction of a woman's search for the dangerous Golden State Killer. Her search reaches a point of obsession in this engrossing procedural drama that is colored with thrill and tragedy in equal measures. 

10. The Immortalists, by Chloe Benjamin 
Four urban siblings learn the date of their death and this haunting information also entails how the rest of their lives will pan out. Chloe Benjamin handles the subject brilliantly and does not let the story become overpowered with the high-end concept that it started out with. At the heart of it, there is an intimate and warm story of a family that is living on the edge of living and dying. 

So, hurry up and get these books to gift the bookworms you know and put a smile on their faces. 

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by an outside party. The thoughts and opinions belong to the author and may not reflect those of Word Spelunking.