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Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello. Hola. Aloha. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Shalom. Konnichi wa. 'Ello. G'day. Waz up? Yo!

*says bashfully* Hi, welcome to the very first post of my very first blog. Do you love books? Do you love talking about books? Do you love getting free books? If you resemble a bobble head right now, then this blog is just the place for you! If you're shaking your head no or if you have no idea how you got here then this probably isn't the place for you *pats your confused head and leads you to the exit*

Fellow book geeks, word nerds, and literary lovers, I'm so glad you're here. Y'all look gorgeous by the way...seriously, I have the best looking followers ever! 

I'm super excited about starting this Word Spelunking expedition with all of you. I have dozens of new and upcoming YA and MG books in my Kindle, on my book shelf, under my bed, invading my dreams, and they're all just begging to be read and reviewed and shared with all of you. And that is exactly what I hope to do: share my love and passion for books with other passionate book lovers. I wanna create the biggest, smooshiest book lovefest on the interwebs. I even wrote my daily haiku in honor of this most joyous occasion:

It Begins
Today I unleash
My bloggy blog awesomeness
On the lucky world

But then I thought it sounded a bit too conceited, so I wrote this instead

Flattery Will Get Me Everywhere
Hello cool peoples
Y'all look real lovely today
Thanks for being here

But then that haiku just made me sound like a bum kisser (even if y'all do look lovely today), so I wrote this

Today Is Monday
The sun is shining
I have a icky knee scab
Hey look, my blog's up

Honest, straight to the point, plus I got to use the word icky, which is always satisfying.

But I can't start this lovefest alone, I need all of you to help by commenting, joining discussions, entering giveaways, and offering any thinky thoughts, advice, or suggestions. Just send me an email (visit my Contact Me page to learn how).

I have four reviews to post this week, plus a Friday Flashback, and an awesome giveaway! I'm gonna start this blog off with a sparkly, fantastical bang! 

Now, whaddya say say we fire up the disco ball, turn up the tunes, and boogy oogie woogie?!

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