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Monday, August 22, 2011


Can I just say how much fun giving away free stuff is?! You'd think it be cooler to get free stuff, but seriously giving away stuff is SO much better. I feel like Santa Claus, or Oprah, or the little old lady who hands out free Chick-fil-A samples at the mall...yes, I feel that awesome and powerful!

My first giveaway, where you can win Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes (click [here] to learn how), has only been up for a day and I'm already loving the enthusiasm and excitement. I can't wait to pick a winner next week. So since I love giveaways and I hope y'all love them to, I just wanted to give you a preview of what kinds of giveaways you can expect from me.

In September and the throughout October I am planning on giving away Withering Tights, Lola and the Boy Next Door, The Son of Neptune, and at least one Lauren Myracle novel...but not at the same time, that way more people have a chance to win. I love a good bargain and I'm always  picking up paperbacks on clearance when I can, which is awesome for all of you because once I read 'em I can give them away.

I also want to run giveaways for ebooks a couple times a month...and I may just do one next week *wink wink*. The great thing about ebooks is that you don't have to have an ebook device (Kindle, Nook, etc) to read them. You can easily download an ebook reader app. or software and read ebooks on your computer, smart phone, ipod, ipad, etc.  Plus, there are so many great YA ebooks out there for such great prices. If a lot of people show an interest in ebook giveaways then the more I will run!

I'm already planning a splendiferious 100 Fantabulous Followers Giveaway, so spread the word about my blog and recruit peeps to join us in this Book Lovefest!

If there are any specific books and/or ebooks you'd like to see offered as a giveaway please leave your thinky thoughts in the comments.

And now something that makes me laugh and may resemble me when I'm excited...

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