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Wednesday, August 31, 2011



I was going to make some witty comment about everyone getting humpy on hump day, but then I realized how very awkward that would be and how some of you may mistake my comment for me flirting with you and then of course you'd end up developing this massive crush on me and I'd have to break your poor hearts and things just wouldn't end well. So, no humpy hump day comment...I feel good about this decision.

Anywho, not only is it hump day, its also the last day of August, which means tomorrow is September 1 and do you know what that means...besides it being the day school starts at Hogwarts? That means the end of Summer is coming and the start of Fall begins. This makes me I wrote a haiku:

Summer Lovin'

Summer is ending
I wish Fall would stay away
My flip flops are sad

As you can tell, I love Summer...I want to marry Summer and have its sunny babies. I don't hate Fall. A lot of good things come with Fall, like my birthday, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. But Fall means Summer ends and Winter is coming (heehee, I sound like a Stark). And I loathe Winter. Winter means cold and ice and having to wear *gasp* socks! Now I know what you're all saying-"But good things come with Winter too like hot chocolate, Christmas, and snow". What I have to say to that- I drink hot chocolate all year, Christmas is expensive, and snow...well I get excited for the first snowfall, spend about 15 minutes playing in it, then I'm done. That's about the extent of my love affair with snow.

I think I need to move somewhere where Summer never ends *le sigh*. How sad does the end of Summer make me? Well I'd say about this sad:
Who thinks I'm awesome for digging up this Dawson's Creek gif?! Cause I think I'm awesome!

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