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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello lovely cupcakes, lookie-loos, lurkers, and random passer byers!

I'm running a bit behind today with, well everything. I may or may not have spent an unhealthy amount of time on Pottermore last night/this morning *shifty eyes*...on which I was unexpectantly sorted into Hufflepuff and not Ravenclaw which I was for sures I was gonna be sorted into. This surprise threw me for a bit of a loop...but that is a topic for another post...that I will probably force y'all to endure very soon. So I apologize in advance.

But back to my original point, which I just had a few moments ago *looks for point*. Where'd that bloody bugger go?! Oh here it is- I'm running behind today but my Daily Haiku and review of Misfit will be up before the day ends...I swear.

Plus, I just may announce a weekend ebook giveaway. And "just may" totally equals "so gonna". So do come back later today for some more cuppycake goodness.

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