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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I know I'm very late with my haiku today, but it is still maybe I'm actually exactly on time...or maybe I'm just really early for tomorrow's haiku...or maybe I'm just tired and rambling. Anywho, for your haikuy pleasure I give you:

A Squared Plus B Squared Equals Me Very Confuzzled

I get the numbers
But what's with all the letters
Make up your mind math


As you've probably guessed, today's haiku was inspired by intense confusion and hatred of math. I spent a great deal of time last night and tonight on College Algebra and my poor brain is fried, kaput, tuckered out. And seriously, WHAT is with all the letter in math? That's just false advertising, a way to get word nerds like me interested in algebra, only to find out that those letters do not equal fun.

This is pretty much how I feel right now:

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