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Monday, August 29, 2011



I know, I know, Happy Monday is a real oxymoron. There's nothing about Mondays that are particularly happy. Mondays mean no more weekend and back to school or work. But cheer up my ducks because I do have something to make this Monday a bit more happy-full. Actually I have three things: a haiku, a review and giveaway, and another giveaway! I have chosen the winners of my Meant to Be ebook giveaway, which I will be posting in a bit. Plus I have a review and giveaway of an awesome book to post too. But first, I give you my Monday Haiku:

I Heart Nerds

Sugary goodness
Like a rainbow in my mouth
Thanks Willy Wonka

So, if you haven't guessed, my haiku today was inspired by Nerds candy, which I have been eating all weekend. They make my tummy happy!

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