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Monday, September 19, 2011



Why, oh why must the weekend go by so fast?! *le sigh* I hope you all had fun, productive weekends and are ready for the week ahead! I, for one, am quite excited about this week because 1) I have several really awesome books to read and 2) some really awesome shows premiere this week! Yes, shows are returning for new seasons and new shows are premiering which makes this TV junkie so very happy *happy dance*!!! Supernatural, Glee, Modern Family, Nikita, New Girl oh my! So much awesomesauce on my tv this week *flails*. What are y'all looking forward to watching this week? What are you y'all reading this week? I wanna know!

So, it's a little after 12 am and I'm watching When Fish Attack 3 and I gotta admit it's kinda funny. Most of these people really kinda deserve getting bit (note that I am a HUGE shark lover and believe these creatures should NOT be hunted or killed for sport, so that may influence my less than sympathetic opinion here). There's this one dude who STUCK his hand in the mouth of a shark *coughlikeanidiotcough*, got bit and preceeded to scream like a wee little girl. So. Friggin. Funny. Then there's a guy who likes to flip nerf sharks upside down and kiss them...on their mouths...and yeah he got bit. Big surprise uh? So today's haiku has been inspired be the stupidity of these men and my love for sharks:

I Feel Like This Goes Without Saying
Mouths full of sharp teeth
Get too close and they WILL bite
So don't kiss a shark

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