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Friday, September 2, 2011



It's Friday, which means once again we have all survived another work week! Yay us!I hope all you Cupcakes have a fun and fantabulous weekend planned. Me? I plan on spending the weekend with my nose in a book...which really isn't that different from every other weekend...perhaps I should look into getting a life...on second thought, that seems like a lot of work. I rather just read.

Although, I'm actually stepping away from my Kindle and getting out of the house today *collective gasp*. I know, I know its shocking. But I will be back later with a review, a Flashback Friday post, and tonight at midnight I will be choosing the winner of the ebook copy of Released. You have until then to enter to win.

Plus, if I reach 50 followers by tonight- and I'mthisclose- I will do another Weekend Ebook Giveaway! So go spread the Word Spelunking love!!!

Now, today's haiku was inspired by a nightmare I had last night. A nightmare that scared the beejezus outta me and had me thinking wouldn't it be cool if in my nightmares I could will myself into a super cool ninja and turn those nightmares into something awesome?! 

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
In my dreams I fight
With my awesome ninja skills
Watch me kick some butt!

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