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Monday, September 12, 2011



*le sigh* Its Monday again Cupcakes. I hope you all had fantabulous and lovely weekends. Mine was quite boring and filled with reading and more Dr. Quinn watching. This week I will be posting some new reviews (Liesl and Po, Ashes, Suspense, maybe a few more) and I will be making an announcement about two new giveaways- a small, ebook giveaway for when I reach 100 followers (I'm only 1 away right now *squee*) and a bigger multiple prize pack giveaway in Oct. to properly celebrate 100+ Followers and my b-day...super excited about both.

For today's haiku, I asked my sister for a word to inspire me and she came up with GREEN...which so happens to be my fave color. So, inspired by the word green, I give you:

Not All Green Things Are Good To Eat
Green: a great color
Lots of good things come in green
Except for boogers

funny gifs
OMG! The look that other gorilla is giving him is hilarious!

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