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Friday, September 16, 2011



Happy happy Friday y'all! Doncha just love this day?! Its a great day....especially since Fridays usually mean Supernatural!!!! Yes, yes I know I talk about this show a lot. I'd apologize, but I'm not sorry. This show owns my heart and I shall praise it till I'm dead...and even then I shall come back and haunt those naysayers...just kidding *coughmaybecough*.

Well next week is the season 7 premiere of be prepared for lots of Supernatural love on the bloggy blog then. But today I thought I would use my daily haiku to celebrate my favorite Supernatural fanfiction writer-- Lampito. Her stories are amazeballs. Seriously fellow Supernatural fans, her fanfics are hilarious, brilliant, and her characterizations are so perfect and spot on that sometimes I think she's secretly a Supernatural writer disguised as a fanfic writer...she's ninja like that. Even if you are not a Supernatural fan, you will enjoy her me, I know these things.

You can find her awesomesauce fanfics [here]. So stop by, read her work, leave her a comment and tell her Aeicha sent ya. Now for my haiku:

I'd Fly To Australia To Meet This Lovely Lady
 I love Lampito!
With her funny, sexy words
She writes like a boss

And if I ever did meet her, this is what I'd do

Do you y'all have any fave fanfic writers to recommend? Have any fun weekend plans?

1 comment:

Black Disaster Fairy said...

I'm sorry. I"m not apt on the fanfic world. But I will look up Lampito.

Black Disaster Fairy

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