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Wednesday, September 14, 2011



So you may have noticed that I didn't post a Daily Haiku yesterday-bad, bad me- and I apologize. It was just One Of Those Days...actually it feels like its been One Of Those Weeks. I just feel blah...just blah. I think it has to do with the end of summer and the ever approaching winter *shivers*. Anyone live somewhere that is warm all the time and would love to have a bloggy blogger come stay with them till spring?! I promise to behave myself, and make you laugh, and bake you goodies all the time, and I'll only hog the tv on days that end with Y *puppy dog eyes*. Hmm, no takers then? Shucks. 

Well in that case I'll just leave you with this:
I Think It's A Metaphor Or Something
I woke up today
Feeling like a cardboard box
Not sure what that means

Does this reflect how I'm feeling? Not really. Does it make me smile though? Totally

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