Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spotlight: Coloring Books for Grown-Ups

Coloring books for grown-ups are all the rage today, and for good reason: coloring is fun, inspiring, and super relaxing! Today, I have two very different coloring books for grown-ups to share with y'all...

The Vampire Combat Field Guide
(a coloring and activity book for for fighting the bloodthirsty undead)
by Roger Ma
Oct. 6, 2015
In The Vampire Combat Manual, Roger Ma, the nation’s preeminent expert in undead warfare, prepared the average citizen to defend against a brutal vampire attack. But without appropriate training, even the most adept slayer of bloodsuckers can be left vulnerable.

Therefore, the Institute for Undead Combat Studies has once again created an essential practice handbook for anyone seeking to avoid serious injury, infection, or death at the hands of a vampire. This comprehensive guide includes:

*Detailed illustrations to aid in identifying various types of the undead and their vulnerabilities, as well as anatomical drawings you can color to promote knowledge retention

*Interactive mental and physical exercises that will teach invaluable fighting techniques and prepare you for battle

*Work pages to hone weapon selection, defensive and offensive techniques, and precise staking strategies

*and much more!

With the proper preparation, no one need fear death by exsanguination or an eternity spent in darkness. Learn to ward off these bloodthirsty creatures while you can—or say good-bye to your days in the sun…


Roger Ma's The Vampire Combat Field Guide ain't your average coloring book! This super smart how-to guide is as informative as it is entertaining and fun. Color your stress away while also preparing yourself for a vampire invasion. 

Roger Ma has filled this coloring book with everything and anything you need to know to deal with those pesky blood suckers. The illustrations are edgy, eye-catching, and have a very wicked graphic novel vibe. The handy info and lessons are interesting to read and will captivate the imagination. 

This coloring book is a perfect way to destress this Halloween and would make an awesome and engaging party activity. 

Roger Ma specializes in hand-to-hand combat against the undead. He is the author of The Zombie Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead,The Vampire Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Bloodthirsty Undead,The Zombie Combat Field Guide, and The Vampire Combat Field Guide. He is the founder of the Zombie Combat Club and the Vampire Combat Club, organizations that focus on battling the undead without the aid of a firearm. He was recently featured as a zombie expert on the History Channel documentary “Zombies: A Living History.” He currently trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Highlights Hidden Pictures
(a coloring book for grown-up children)
Sept. 29, 2015
Highlights Press
Highlights for Children, the iconic children’s media brand, announces the publication of the Highlights Hidden Pictures® Coloring Book for Grown-Up Children. Featuring a collection of Highlights favorite Hidden Pictures® puzzles to solve and then color, the book will evoke nostalgic memories for adults who grew up reading Highlights®magazine. 
Who doesn’t remember Highlights Hidden Pictures® from their childhood?

In fact, a Hidden Pictures® activity has appeared in every Highlights magazine since the debut issue in June 1946. Almost 70 years later, it’s easy to see why Hidden Pictures® have remained such a vibrant piece of pop culture and a favorite memory for so many grown-up Highlights kids.

Now, the Highlights Hidden Pictures® Coloring Book for Grown-Up Children will allow adults to step back in time and rediscover the pleasure of a favorite childhood activity. The title:

·Has more than 80 intricate black-and-white illustrations
·Features a stylishly retro cover
·And is the perfect for gift for any time of the year.


This Highlights coloring book was such a fun blast from the past! I can vividly remember enjoying the Hidden Pictures activity pages as a kid and was super excited to dive into this grown-up version.

The Highlights Hidden Pictures Coloring Book for Grown-Up Children will provide hours of sweet, stress-free fun...seriously, once you start coloring and picture hunting, you won't wanna stop! The black and white illustrations or very detailed, vary in subject, and wonderfully whimsical. And of course, there are answer keys in the back of the book, in case a picture or two escapes you ;)

Both grown-ups and kids alike can and will enjoy this amusing, relaxing, and addictive coloring book!

The Storm (The Rain #2) Spotlight {excerpt & giveaway}

The Storm Spotlight Tour is stopping by today with an original excerpt and awesome giveaway...

The Storm
(The Rain #2)
by Virginia Bergin
Sourcebooks Fire
"I'll tell you a weird thing about apocalypses - a thing I didn't even know until I was in one: they seem pretty bad, don't they? Well, take it from me: they can always get worse."
Three months after the killer rain first fell, Ruby is beginning to realise her father might be dead . . . and that she cannot survive alone. When a chance encounter lands her back in the army camp, Ruby thinks she is safe - at a price. Being forced to live with Darius Spratt is bad enough, but if Ruby wants to stay she must keep her eyes - and her mouth - shut. It's not going to happen. When she realizes what is going on - the army is trying to find a cure by experimenting on human subjects - Ruby flips out . . . and makes an even more shocking discovery: she's not useless at all. The Storm begins 

From Chapter 10 of The Storm by Virginia Bergin

Drip, drip, drop, dead.
I jumped out of that bath like there were piranhas in it. I hugged towels around me, scratched and scraped them all over my body. No, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. Oh no. OH NO.
All that water wasted. All that water wasted. Wasted.
But I was alive. I was still alive.
I told Simon to fix that shower.
Three minutes? This is going to be a luxury. I will not miss a second of it. Pre-­shower gelled loofah at the ready (I’m surprised the Spratt takes skin care so seriously; it might be Saskia’s influence—­certainly I suspect there must be something other than le fine French cuisine to account for the improvement in his skin), I stand under the showerhead.
I stare up at it. It is one of those big, fat daisy-­head showers. Is it going to come out cold? Do I care? I care enough to crank the setting thing up to hot. Am I really ready for this? Oh yes. I am so ready. I press the lever—­nothing happens. I have that moment of frustrated confusion you have in any new shower—­OH! Maybe it’s like—­I lift the lever.
The daisy head bursts into life, water pours—­pours—­down—­but HOT! SO HOT! I have to scrabble around immediately to work out how to cool it down.
And I work it out.
And I shower, scrubbing frantically…but I tell you: that—­those three minutes—­was the best, the most appreciated shower I swear I will ever have in my life.
I swung open the door, clean and serene, in a pair of the Spratt’s pj’s.
Darius, waiting outside, took one look at me and said, “Oh my q.”
He hustled me back into the room.
What happened to you?!” he hissed—­even though there was now obviously no need to hiss at all.
I knew why he’d be asking that. Sans Grace’s makeup, I had reverted to…pure Panda Ruby, I suppose. You can’t scrub away major bruising.
“I…” I said, flopping onto the bed and trying to work out what I did want to say about it…but I was too just plain tired. “Let’s not talk about this now,” I murmured.
“OK,” said Darius, leaning across me.
My eyes snapped open in panic. He was staring at me in—­ah—­um—­a tender manner.
“I need to get the other mattress, Ru.”
“It’s underneath you. Can you get up, just for a sec?”
“Yeah, course,” I said, flustered.
I got to my feet and stood by the closet as Darius sorted out beds. A sticky fug of embarrassment filled the room. And I reckoned it wasn’t just me either.
I climbed into bed and pulled the covers up to my chin.
Darius started taking his shirt off.
“Hn. Um, maybe I’ll just…” He pointed at the light switch.
“Yes!” I squeaked—­and I turned over anyway, trying not to think that maybe it might be a nice thing to do right now to curl up in bed with the Spratt.
“Night, Ru,” whispered Darius.
“Night,” I squeaked back.
“I think you’re really brave, you know.”
I grunted squeakily.
“You really are. Even the shower. Most people around here are too scared to use them.” He yawned.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Picture Book Review: I Want To Eat Your Books by Karin Lefranc

With Halloween fast approaching, I have the perfect spookalicious picture book to share with the little readers in your life...

I Want To Eat Your Books
by Karin Lefranc
Sept. 22, 2015
Skypony Press
He’s limping strangely down the hall with outstretched arms and a groaning drawl. A zombie! Could it really be? You race to class, but turn to see he’s sitting in the desk right next to you!
But odds are you’ll probably be okay, because this is no ordinary zombie. This zombie doesn’t want to eat your brains—he wants to eat your books! Hide your textbooks and your fairy tales, because the little zombie is hungry and he doesn’t discriminate between genres. Will the school library be devoured, or will the children discover something the zombie likes to do with books even more than eating them?

watch the book trailer

Get ready to meet the cutest, hungriest little zombie ever! In Karin Lefranc's adorable and entertaining I Want To Eat Your Books, young readers are introduced to a one-of-a kind zombie who doesn't want to eat brains, but wants to devour books...omnomnom!

Told through charming, silly rhymes, I Want To Eat Your Books is frightfully fun (heavy on the fun, very light on the frights) and amusing from beginning to end. The rhyming text is quite clever and wonderfully funny. Little readers will be both delighted and deliciously aghast by the zombie's book eating ways.

Illustrator, Tyler Parker captures Lefranc's addicting story with big, bold pictures that will engage and captivate the imagination with their use of whimsical colors and exaggerated details. 

I Want To Eat Your Books does three things (and does them wonderfully):
  1. it celebrates the awesomeness of books and reading
  2. it encourages kindness and friendship
  3. it never gets old, no matter how many times you read it
Number three on that list is important because the little readers in your life will want to read I Want To Eat Your Books again and again...but that's okay, because so will you!

Karin Lefranc grew up all over the world, living in Sweden, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, before moving to the U.S. to attend Bard College in New York. She now lives in Connecticut with her three girls and one boy, who all love devouring books in all shapes and sizes. Karin is also a certified children’s yoga teacher.  This is Karin’s debut picture book.

Tyler Parker received his BFA in illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art and also has an MA in sequential design and illustration from the University of Brighton. He is the illustrator of more than seven children’s books including Monsters Meet on Mondays and The Ice Cream Shuffle. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.