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Friday, October 21, 2011

Special Someone Saturday {4}

Special Someone a weekly Saturday meme hosted by Fishy over at The Reading Fish that gives readers a chance to gush about all the awesome book guys and gals they met that week!

You can participate too! Here are all the details from Miss Fishy:
~You can join me and gush over amazing people on your blogs :D
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This week's question, brought to you by me ;)
"Who's your favorite baddie character? Who's the 
villain that you love to hate or hate to love?

Ok, so since this is my question ya know that I'm super excited to answer it! I LOVE villains and baddies. I think they are the most compelling, intriguing, and captivating characters. And I have a lot of favorites...but I narrowed it down to these baddies. Now I'm gonna get a bit old school  on you, so I apologize if my villain choices seem a bit lame, especially when there are so many awesome modern baddies out there....

Iago from Shakespeare's "Othello" 
Iago is probably my favorite Shakespeare character. He's just so manipulating, charismatic, smart, and so damn good at being bad! He's absolutely compelling and his vindictive master plan is captivating to watch unfold. His plan to undo and ruin Othello is simply brilliant and beautifully executed. 

Richard III from Shakespeare's "Richard III" 
This is another Shakespearean villain that I just can't help being compelled by. His physical deformities and harsh childhood make him a sympathetic villain, and even when he commits horrendous, unforgivable acts you can't help but understand just why he is doing these things. Plus, he's a helluva a charmer. I mean he kills Anne's husband, which she knows, and he's still able to woe her and make her fall for him.

Satan in Milton's "Paradise Lost"
I love Milton's sympathetic Satan! We all know that Satan is usually seen as the bad guy, but in this classic piece Satan is often seen as the protagonist of the story, and rightly so. His character is so much more complex than simply just being the devil.

Ok, now for a few non-literary villains...

Lucifer in Supernatural.
Y'all knew that I couldn't possibly not talk about Supernatural (I have a problem I know) ;)

Like Milton's Satan, Lucifer in Supernatural also provokes a sympathy for the devil kind of feeling. He's a very tortured, logical, almost likeable (other than the whole apocalypse thing of course) character. While watching him, you never forget that he may reside in Hell, but he's still an angel. 

Crowley the demon from Supernatural
Yes, another Supernatural villain...I can't help it!

Crowley is smarmy, disloyal, selfish, vindictive, arrogant, pissy, and has made the Winchesters lives that much harder....but I LOVE him! He is too much fun to hate. 

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Ishita Singh said...

Thanks for Stopping by Aeicha! :D

and there is nothing wrong with old school baddies ;) ! BTW i love the pictures !!! :D