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Friday, October 7, 2011



Can you believe it's already Friday? I can't believe it's already Friday! Then again, I can't believe it's already October! Where has this week...this year gone?! It's madness I tell you...MADNESS *flails dramatically*.

Ok, got that outta my system. Sorry, cupcakes it's 2:17 am and I'm all jittery and awake O_O
So, this has been a great reading week for me; I've read like 5 books...but I've only posted like 1 review, which makes me a very bad book blogger uh? I apologize...I beg your forgiveness...I grovel at your pretty feet *winks*. But I swear I'll make up for it next week (starting Sat.) because I have 2 blog tours stopping by (Oct. 8 and Oct. 12) both of which will feature giveaways for all of you! Plus I have even more reviews and author interviews and awesome giveaways to YAY ME...right?! Forgive me yet?

So sidenotes *thinks*. Ah yes, I'm thinking about changing up my review format and style. Maybe something a little less analytical and a little more simple and general. Nothing too drastic or different. i just feel like the English Lit. & Lang. major in me seems to come out too much in my reviews and they read too much like boring essays...yay or nay? I don't know, we'll see how simple I can go. I believe a detailed and thorough review is a helpful review *shrugs*

In non-bookey news, I'm addicted to the Adele song 'Set Fire To The Rain' and the show 'Revenge'. LOVE them! Anyone else share my obsession and want to discuss *puppy eyes*. Oh *jumps up and down* tonight is an all new Supernatural directed by the one, the only, the very talented and sexy Mr. Jensen Ackles *swoons*. So everybody watch tonight at 9pm EST on the CW!!!

Now my daily haiku...I'll explain the inspiration after the poem:
The Good Always Die Young
I never realized
That I took you for granted
Now that you're broken :(

Ok, so in my house we have two bathrooms, one downstairs and one upstairs right next to my bedroom. Now, I'm a nighttime bathroom goer...I pee a lot at night and I've always just taken the bathroom next to my room for granted. Until today. When it broke. Like broke broke. Apparently it leaked so bad that the water came crashing through my sister's ceiling downstairs while she was sleeping. Which isn't funny...not funny at all *tries to hold in giggles*. I mean she didn't get hurt or anything, but c'mon on, her ceiling was invaded by powerful toilet water! How is that not funny?! Anywho, until we can get it fixed, the upstairs bathroom is off limits. Which means I have to trudge ALL the way downstairs everytime I have to pee...even at like 3 in the morning!!! And and and I have to share 1 bathroom with 4 other females! That's like tortue >_<

So moral of the story? Don't take things for granted and pray that toilet water doesn't come crashing down upon you while you slumber.

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