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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Special Someone a weekly Saturday meme hosted by Fishy over at The Reading Fish that gives readers a chance to gush about all the awesome book guys and gals they met that week!

You can participate too! Here are all the details from Miss Fishy:
~You can join me and gush over amazing people on your blogs :D
~Just fill out the link on the bottom (over at The Reading Fish) :D
~ We can make this a follow blog hop, so people can jump post to post and visit your amazing blog!
~And lastly add the button (above) if you would like ! Or you can make your own !

This Week's Question

Who is your favorite minor character in any book that you have read this year? What do they look like, how do they act, and of course would you want to be them ? 

One of my favorite minor characters from this past year actually comes from a book I recently read- Slayers. The character's name is Bess and she's a teenage dragon slayer...but that's not what I love about her. I love her personality and how she interacts with the main character. Bess is described as tall, athletic, with chin length curly hair, and always laughing. Bess is extremely funny, both in a witty sarcastic way and a silly way. She's not overly girly or "dainty" in any way. she's strong, capable,and brave, but she still posessess a quiet grace. I wouldn't mind being Bess if the exchange didn't come with killer dragons of course. When I picture Bess, I picture Jane Levy:


1 comment:

Z. Taco said...

Can't say I've heard of this book, but it sounds like Bess has a pretty admirable personality! :)