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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review: Dark Fate (Protector's Saga Bk 2) by P.M. Dooling- 5 Cupcakes

TITLE: Dark Fate
SERIES: The Protectors Saga, Book 2
AUTHOR: P.M. Dooling
PUB. DATE: Sept. 4, 2011
SOURCE: provided by author in exchange for my honest review
 Dark Fate (The Protectors Saga, Book 2)
Dark Fate, book 2 in the Protectors Saga continues where The Protectors left off, with Avery and Jade on their way to secure the Fairies aid in battling the Emperor. Complicating matters is the undeniable, but forbidden attraction Jade feels towards the Fairy Prince Eryk, forcing Avery to not only contend with her growing responsibilities as leader, but also the strain of trying to keep her best friend and second in command from doing something that could place all of Orcatia at risk. With her own feelings deepening for the irresistible, but difficult King Draven, Avery must find a way to push aside her ever confusing emotions so that she can lead her fellow Protectors into the most dangerous battle they have yet to enter…the battle of Blackmore

THREE WORDS: Action-Packed. Funny. Fantastical

MY “I JUST FINISHED THIS BOOK” REACTION: *squee* What a tantalizing ending. I think it would be impossible for me not to read the next book. I simply must know what happens next!

MY REVIEW: P.M. Dooling has once again enchanted, enthralled and engaged me in her fantasy world. Dark Fate, the second book in The Protectors Saga, is a fast paced, cleverly written read that packs a three fisted punch full of fantasy, action, and romance.

In Dark Fate we find our five brave Protectors still fighting to save their new home, Orcatia, and trying to come up with a battle plan to defeat the Emperor. Avery and Jade take a short trip in order to seek the aide of the Fairies, and while there Jade must confront a love she doesn’t remember experiencing, which results in a strain in the girls’ friendship. Avery must deal with her own romantic woes as her feelings for Draven continue to confuse and frustrate her. Upon learning that the nearby town of Blackmore is in dire peril against the Emperor’s army, the Protectors head there only to offer a bit of hope and reassurance, but end up locked in a deadly battle they weren’t expecting.

Dooling’s world within this book, and the series, is one that is easy to fall into and want to stay in. The fantasy elements in this book are imaginative; original; and fun to read about it, the action elements are thrilling; vivid; and spellbinding, while the emotional aspects are realistic; deep; and expertly crafted.

My awe and fascination for the world Dooling has created grew and evolved, as much as the world itself, in this second book. Dooling has continued to build her much layered and well developed world, creating a freshness and newness that doesn’t necessarily rely on the first book. I really liked that this book, as a second book in a series, didn’t feel repetitive. Yet, at the same time, all the new elements and characters didn’t overwhelm me nor did they take away from all the things I loved in the first book.

This book moves at a faster pace than the first one, and there is a lot of action, especially in the last few chapters. Dooling’s battle scenes are intense, realistic, and often left me breathless. I really enjoyed these scenes and I loved how descriptive and vivid these scenes are. The realistic violence and palpable emotions give this book an exciting edginess that I really liked and appreciated.

We really get to know the characters better in this book, especially the five protectors. All the things I loved about them from the first book are still there, but they grow and mature a great deal in this book. The characters are even more realistic, relatable, and well developed than they were in the first book, and I still really want to hang out with and be BFF’s with these girls!

What I really love is that we get to see some unexpected and surprising sides of these five girls. Avery continues to struggle with her role as the leader, but her confidence and focus really blossom throughout this book. We get to see a more conflicted, softer side of Jade, which was nice. I like how complex a character Jade is. But the most intriguing character in this book was definitely Bunny! Bunny’s transformation, or perhaps her honest unveiling, is completely compelling and gripping. My only complaint is that there wasn’t more Sasha and Skylar character development. Not that they aren’t well developed characters, because they are. I’d just really like to get to know them better on a deeper level and I’m hoping their characters are explored more in future books.

The friendship between Avery and Jade continues to be a touching and realistic one. I like that Dooling isn’t afraid to add some conflict and tension into this relationship. For me, this friendship gives the book a lot of heart.

The complicated, but completely addictive romance between Avery and Draven continues to intensify in this second book. This romance, which is really the first real romance experienced by this young woman, is written with a great deal of care, thoughtfulness and sensitivity. I just loved every scene and moment between these two characters. The spark between the two simply jumps off the page. Yet, as much as I love Avery/Draven, I’m also intrigued by Pip’s feelings for Avery and wouldn’t mind seeing this possible romance explored…I smell a delicious love triangle ;)

We don’t get to see much interaction between Jade and Eryk (I’m pretty sure there will be more of this in the next book), but the small bit that we do get has left me craving more! Eryk’s appearance has really thrown Jade for a loop and has brought out some new layers to her character.

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: My love for the Protectors Saga has only grown with this second book. Dark Fate is a wonderfully crafted and executed fantasy, with a captivating story and compelling characters. This is book, and this series, is an absolute MUST read!


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Q. What three words best describe you?

Hmmm, this is kind of a hard question. It's difficult to describe yourself, especially in just three words, but if I had to I would say that I think I'm loyal, I think I'm compassionate, and I think I'm...unique. Although, if you asked Jade, I'm sure she'd add annoying and bossy to the list of words used to describe me, but I think I'll stick with mine :)

Q. If you had a theme song, what would it be?
There's this song called Runaway by Thriving Ivory, who I love, and ever since I've come to Orcatia I feel really connected to the song. To me, it's sorta about finding something to call home no matter where you are.

Q. Pretend your life’s story has been turned into a movie, what is it called?
Most of the time I feel like Alice in a very dangerous and messed up Wonderland, so I think my movie should definitely be called something like, "Avery in Madland" or "Avery's Freaktastic Journey". Yeah, I think both of those could work just fine.

Q. What’s the one thing you miss most about Earth? The one thing you love best about Orcatia?
There's so many things that I miss about Earth that it's hard to know where to begin. It may sound stupid, but I think I miss school most of all, and believe me I never thought I would ever say that. I guess I just miss feeling normal. Now, what do I love best about Orcatia? Ugh, I really don't want to say it because it brings up so many mixed emotions, but's Draven. It'll always be Draven. Just don't tell him or Jade that I said that.

Q. What’s your deepest fear and your most precious wish/dream?
My deepest fear is easy. I'm scared to death that I'm not gonna be able to protect the people I love. Given the world I live in and what my job it, it's a very real fear and one that I live with every day. My most precious wish/dream is also pretty easy for me to answer. I just want more than anything to be a normal girl with a normal life. Of course, I don't see that happening anytime in the near future, so my wish for the moment is that I can get through one whole training session without having to listen to Jade and Gumptin bicker like an old married couple...that really would be a dream

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