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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trueblood's Plight Book Tour: Guest Post with author E.S. Lark

The Trueblood's Plight Book Tour is making a stop here today with a guest post by author E.S Lark ( I will be posting my review later in the week)...

Self-Publisher’s Diary – How Trueblood’s Plight Came to Be
Trueblood’s Plight is my newest child as far as published novels are concerned, but it wasn’t written recently. If you’ve spoken to me at all online or read my blog, you’ll know I’m a fan of Mercedes Lackey and her Mage Wars series, specifically The Black Gryphon. Sadly, there just aren’t enough gryphon based novels in the world to satisfy myself or my husband.

Some readers love dragons, others enjoy the occasional unicorn or two—for us, it’s gryphons all the way. But why gryphons? A few reasons actually.
  •         There aren’t enough of them.
  •         I can envision them in my head a lot easier than any other      fantasy creature.
  •      I’ve role played a gryphon character for years.

Still, Trueblood’s Plight wasn’t my first gryphon related novel. I’d written one back in 2003 titled Drakelis, which I’m now in the process of rewriting. It will be a prequel of sorts for Trueblood’s Plight, kind of like how The Hobbit was for The Lord of the Rings. I created the world of Wynrith back in 2003 and have been dying to go back to it ever since I left.

So when I started writing again after a 5-6 year break, I returned to my world and the idea of writing about gryphons. I wrote about 25,000 words of Trueblood’s Plight just as I was starting a new job before burning out. That idea stuck in the back of my mind as I wrote poetry and other novels, until finally, I went back to it last August.

I deleted the first 25,000 words and started fresh. A little over a year later since I began the rewrite, Trueblood’s Plight is ready for print. It’s come a long way since I first planned the novel and a lot has changed, but for gryphon lovers like me, it’s a world I plan to go back to time and time again. This is only the beginning.

E. S. Lark is the author of fantasy fiction such as The Waking Grove and Trueblood’s Plight. You can learn more about her and the worlds she creates by visiting her website at
Trueblood's Plight will be released Nov. 8, 2011.
You can enter to win a copy of Trueblood's Plight on Goodreads
Visit E.S. Lark's website for full blog tour schedule and info.

You can connect with and learn more about E.S. Lark here:

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