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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sweet Reads (2): Book Inspired Cakes

Sweet Reads... is a weekly feature (Mondays) hosted here at Word Spelunking that showcases book inspired cakes, cupcakes and other goodies.

Here are this week's amazing and unbelievable cakes inspired by books...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland inspired cakes
I love how each layer represents a different part of the story: the bottom layer represents the grass Alice is resting upon in the beginning when she spies the white rabbit with the pocket-watch, the second layer is Alice's dress and the top layer is a teapot from the famous mad tea party!

How super cute is this one?! I love the caterpillar and little tea set!

This one is really pretty and I love those colors.

Childhood Faves
Here's a whole stack of yummy childhood faves.

Dr. Seuss inspired cakes
How awesome is this topsy-turvy creation?!

This may be the sweetest cake ever! I wanna have a kid just so we can have THIS cake on their first birthday ;)

Twilight inspired cake
I may not be a fan of the books but this is a lovely cake.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians inspired cake
That's one realistic looking shield! And I love the "ocean" beneath it an dhow it represents Poseidon. 

The Berenstain Bears series inspired cakes

The Berenstain Bears books were my fave as a little girl and the first books I read on my own. I want to live in that tree house!

Whaddya think of these sweet reads?
What book would you love to see brought to life in cake?!


Dizneeee said...

Oh, I love this! Great idea! Can't wait to see what you keep finding. :)

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Oh Wow! I just want to plant my face into each of those cakes. They look amazingly delicious!

bookbitereviews said...

WOW! Those cakes are amazing!! And they look delicious ;)