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Friday, July 13, 2012

Fairy Metal Thunder Read Along: Week 2

Welcome to week two of the

This week's read-along is hosted by

Questions for Chapters 7-13 of Fairy Metal Thunder:

1. Unfairly grounded by his parents, Jason decides to lie to them so he can go to the audition in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, not only does the audition end poorly but his parents discover his lie and things go downhill from there. Tell us the most outrageous lie you've ever been caught in. Bonus points if you can provide pictorial proof. Reenactments eagerly accepted.

So, I've been thinking over this question for days and I honestly cannot think of any outrageous lies I've been caught in. Now, that's not to say that I haven't ever told any whoppers, because of course I have, I've just never been called out on them. Maybe I'm just a reaaallly good liar...or maybe I just hang out with reaallly gullible people....OR maybe I'm lying right now *eyebrow waggle*

2. In Faerie, Aoide is summoned to see the Faerie Queen. Have you ever met someone important like the Faerie Queen? Someone famous? Tell us the story behind how it happened. Once again, pictures are a plus!

Ok, so if you know me or talk to me for any real length of time chances are my obsession  love for the television show Supernatural will eventually be talked about. I've been a total Supernatural fangirl for eight years; seriously, I love this show more than almost everything else in the world. Well, like a lot of sci-fi/paranormal shows, there are Supernatural Conventions where the fans can meet the stars and other fans and I went to one of these awesome (and OMG so expensive) cons a few years ago. And I met the stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki!!! 

I also met many of the other awesome recurring guest stars and got to chat with them and get autographs, but I'd be lying (ha!) if I said the highlight wasn't meeting the two J's. And yes ladies, they are even hotter in person! But, I kind of made a wee bit of a fool out of myself when I met them. You see the line for the picture op with the two of them was realllly long and I realllly had to pee. Now I wasn't getting out of that line and missing my pic for anything! So, there I am standing in line doing the peepee dance (y'all know what I'm talking about) and it's my turn next and there they are, two gorgeous hunky guys who smell fabulous and they turn to me and what pops out of my mouth- "I reallllly have to go to the bathroom!"

Doh! Yes, I actually said that *hangs head*. But I made them laugh and after we took our pic, Jensen said to me "Now run run run to the bathroom!". At least I was memorable right? And here's that pic:

3. Caught lying to his father about his non-existent job at the car wash, Jason has now found gainful employment at Buddy McSlawburger's - where he's forced to wear "the funny hat" as part of his uniform. What's the worst job you've ever had? Did it involve a particularly noxious uniform? Tell us about it - in riveting, full-color detail!

Occasionally I help my parents out at their job which is a custodial business. They clean schools and churches and doctors offices. Well, for a few months we cleaned a private school, including the gym and locker rooms and oh my gawd that was the nastiest job ever! It was during basketball season so we had to go in, late at night after the games and I was in charge of cleaning the bleachers. Let me tell you, people at suck at not throwing their trash away! I found all kinds of leftover food, open and spilled drinks and other odd ickiness. And then there were the locker rooms which were always stinky and had dirty socks and undies on the floor. But the worst was the boy's bathroom with the clogged toilet that boys continued to go number two in even though it was clearly clogged and not flushing *shudders*. I really felt sorry for that toilet.

4. In an effort to regain their stolen instruments, Aoide and Rhodia travel to the sugar swamp to hire a hunter. Wouldn't you love to live somewhere where the water is sweet and the grass is made of sugar cane? Show us a picture of you enjoying your favorite sweet treat. Or, rewrite history and tell us how your version of the sugar swamp would differ from the one in the book.

If you couldn't tell by my blog design, I LURVE cupcakes! I love baking them and I love eating them. They are most definitely my favorite sweet treat. I looked, but I don't actually have any pics of me enjoying my fave sweet treat, but I do have some pics of cupcakes I've made. So, lets drool a bit shall we?

Fruity Tie-Dyed Spring Cupcakes

Giant Red-Velvet Valentines Day Cupcake

Black and White Oreo Crunch Candor Cupcakes 
(for Divergent Nation)

Leave links to your read-along posts and I'll stop by!
And come back next Friday for week three

Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic, #1)A rock & roll fairy tale.
Jason plays guitar in a teenage garage band called the Assorted Zebras, but they have no fans, no gigs, and they're going nowhere. Even worse, Jason has a crush on their lead singer, but she doesn't seem interested in him at all.
Then Jason steals instruments from the fairy world. Soon the band is enchanting crowds, and Jason is a step closer to the girl of his dreams, but the new gear is brimming with dangerous and destructive magic they can't control.
Their shortcut to success has cost a troupe of innocent fairies their livelihood and turned Jason and his band into enemies of the powerful Queen Mab, who sends supernatural bounty hunters to track them down, including one of the most dangerous horned creatures in Faerie...a small unicorn named Buttercake.
Fairy Metal Thunder is free on  AmazonSmashwords, and Apple, and just 99 cents on Nook, so you can play along for free! (Nook users can get a free ePub at Smashwords.) 


Amy said...

OMG I hate cleaning toilets. I pity you for that! I love cupcakes too!! I didn't have a pic of me eating one either, so I posted a pic of my daughter eating one instead.

JL Bryan said...

Those cupcakes are works of art! And I'm seriously laughing so hard at the Pinocchio picture!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh your celeb story is so funny, if I met those hot boys Id probably be peeing my pants too....:D

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I think I would have said... I have to pee so make this good. Or something much more embarrassing like that. LOL Glad you got to meet your fave actors! :)

Oh those cupcakes!! PURTY!

BTW, don't feel sorry for that toilet... I feel sorry for you just having to witness that! :P

Lisa said...

I'm sure you were very memorable and they probablly get tired of just the standard responses so props for making them laugh!

xCynyx said...

OMG YOU MET JARED AND JENSEN!!! *fan moment over*
Hot guys can make you say stupid things... where do the brain go, uh?

and Ohh CUPCAKES! they look so yummy I feel like eating some right now...

I feel sorry for your job though... that sucks!

Unknown said...

So lucky you met the Supernatural hotties!!! Gross cleaning toilets, lock rooms, and stadiums. People are so dirty and always throw stuff on the bleachers. When I'm at games and the movies I throw my stuff away. I hate when people leave it on the floor. I love cupcakes too! Those oreo ones look frickin delicious!!!!!!!
My Answers

Jen (@ Jens Book Closet) said...

OMGosh! They're so hot. I mean, I've seen the previews for that show, but they are way hotter in the pic above. I mean, *prrrr*. I love that you told them you had to pee.

Story about boys bathroom. Boys have no idea what dirty is. True story. Even my husband says the boys bathrooms at most rest stops are nasty. My father on the other hand likes to tell me it's the females bathrooms. My husband is OCD clean and I know he gave my dad the wonky eye when he said that. Boys seriously need help. I'd rather not go than use a clogged toilet. Okay, rant done. LOL!

I think we could be fast friends. I LOVE cupcakes, too! Those Oreo ones look like they're to die for. I have a penchant for mini cupcakes because you can eat the whole dang thing in one bite. LOL! I also love chocolate's CHOCOLATE! ;)