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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fairy Metal Thunder Read Along: Week 3

Welcome to week three of the

This week's read-along is hosted by

Questions for Chapters 14-20

1. In the beginning of chapter 14, poor Jason is having a tough time at work. Its busy, people are rude, there are hot girls talking to him, big lady's are about to starve, all in all bad work day. So tell us about a time when you had to deal with a pushy customer or rude behavior, did you freak, keep it together, throw a slawburger?

I've never worked anywhere that really required me to deal with any kinds of customers, which is probably a really good thing. Ya see, I have severe social anxiety and I'm a pretty shy person, so usually I don't like confrontation. BUT I do have a temper when provoked. One time when my inner Hulk broke through my shyness was about a year ago at the local Wal-Mart. I was shopping with my cousin, little sister (who was about 15) and her two friends. We were having a pleasant time (or at least as pleasant a time as one can have in Wal-Mart) when these two rather loud, pushy and totally redneck (I do live in NC after all) women ruined it all.

My sister was pushing the shopping cart and these two women were parked right in the middle of an aisle, not moving, so my sister proceeded to push our cart past them. Then these "ladies" gave my sister the stink eye and said loudly "Ughh, I hate when insert not nice name are rude! I can't go anywhere cause they *they glare at my sister and friends* just don't know how to move!". Now, I usually walk away from situations like this, but not when somebody messes with MY little sister. So I was all...

Oh no she didn't!!!

Then a little of this happened...

Needless to say, words were spoken, profanities may have been exchanged and my inner Hulk felt like smashing some heads. I definitely did not keep my head and I probably should have...but honestly, and felt really good to let those women have a piece of my mind ;P

2. In chapter 16 Jason is getting ready to shoot his rocking music video and perform for a crowd. Have you ever made a rock video, been in a play or anything that shows you doing something with musical talent? Extra points if you want to show us.

So, even though I lurve music, I have like NO musical talent AT ALL...seriously, I can't sing, I can't dance and I wasn't even invited to join the middle school band *sigh*. But I was in the fifth grade Christmas musical show- I was a dancing, singing  Blitzen the reindeer. I mostly just moved my lips and tried not to trip anyone. Then later that year in fifth grade we made music videos and my best friend and I used the song Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. I was dressed up like a zebra and sang Timon's part while my BFF dressed up in leopard print and sang Pumbaa's part. We even had tree props and everything. It was, well, not good, but we had fun. And after everyone made their music videos the entire fifth grade got together and watched them...yeah, that was humiliating! I don't have a video of it and I actually really wish I did!

3. Speaking of videos, the boys have a little chat about Steven Spielberg in chapter 17, what is your favorite Spielberg movie? Can't think of one...well then tell us about one of your favorite Sci-fi movies.

I have to pick just one?! Not sure I can, but let's see...well, if we're talking specifically about Spielberg directed movies, then I love:

Whenever this movie is on I will drop everything and watch it

I remember the summer of Jurassic Park clearly: I was about 7 years old and my whole family went to see this and I was BLOWN away. My little brother and I spent all that summer learning everything we could about dinosaurs. This movie still rocks my socks off!

And this next movie Spielberg  did NOT direct but he was an executive producer and writer on the film:
I watched this movie SO many times as a kid! My little brother, his friends and I used to play Goonies and go on "adventures". My brother always got to be Mikey or Mouth and since I was the only girl in our group I always had to be one of the female characters...when I actually always wanted to be Sloth just so I could scream 
"Heyy you guyyyyss!!!"

4. At the end of Chapter 17 the guys say bye to Dred who is getting ready to move, did you ever have to start over in a new school or new place when you were in highschool? Was it good, bad...horrible?

I left highschool after the ninth grade to be homeschooled and the adjustment wasn't hard at all. I was always a loner and never really "hung out" with my peers (I'm not a people person) so I never missed that aspect of school. Going away to college was a really hard adjustment though. I wasn't a big fan of living on my own and was constantly homesick. I actually ended up switching to a college closer to home and enjoyed it much more.

5. If you had a pet Unicorn what would you name it?

Like many people, I've spent many hours pondering this question and I do believe that I would name my pet unicorn either:

Princess Cupcake Sparklepants Moonbeam Sunshineface Fluffy-Wuffy


Sir Winchester III

And just for fun: Would you rather be pecked to death by a vulture or eat a Goblins toenails???

Hmm, depends. Can I get the Goblin toenails covered in cheese and/or chocolate?!

Leave links to your read-along posts and I'll stop by!
And come back next Friday for week four!

Fairy Metal Thunder (Songs of Magic, #1)A rock & roll fairy tale.
Jason plays guitar in a teenage garage band called the Assorted Zebras, but they have no fans, no gigs, and they're going nowhere. Even worse, Jason has a crush on their lead singer, but she doesn't seem interested in him at all.
Then Jason steals instruments from the fairy world. Soon the band is enchanting crowds, and Jason is a step closer to the girl of his dreams, but the new gear is brimming with dangerous and destructive magic they can't control.
Their shortcut to success has cost a troupe of innocent fairies their livelihood and turned Jason and his band into enemies of the powerful Queen Mab, who sends supernatural bounty hunters to track them down, including one of the most dangerous horned creatures in Faerie...a small unicorn named Buttercake.
Fairy Metal Thunder is free on  AmazonSmashwords, and Apple, and just 99 cents on Nook, so you can play along for free! (Nook users can get a free ePub at Smashwords.) 


Unknown said...

I love your gifs! LOL I have no musical talent either. I LOVE Jurassic Parka and Goonies! I'm the opposite! I LOVED going away to college. I was still close to home though. That is quite a unicorn name! LMAO Anything covered in cheese or chocolate is good.

Amy said...

LMAO!! I would have totally flipped on those ladies too. And I would love to see that Hakuna Matata video. I bet it was awesome!! Woohoo!! We both chose The Goonies!!

Anonymous said...

LOL- oh my word your Walmart story cracked me up!!!!! And love the Unicorn name!!!

Book Soulmates said...

Heyyyy, I named my unicorn Fruity McSparklepants. We're awesome ;)

People of Wal-Mart suck!! They're rude, loud, obnoxious and tacky to boot. Don't blame you for going into beast mode! I'll stick with Tarjét! That's where classy people shop, lol.

♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

Lisa said...

I had a hard time picking just one SS film too. There are too many great ones to choose from.

I'm glad you let your inner Hulk out to protect your sister. I have to agree that is one time when I get feisty is when someone picks on my family.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Yep, I can let things go if they try to start something with me, but not family or close friends.

I totally loved the Goonies and Jurassic park was also total WIN.

Louise said...

I chose Jaws too, it's so awesome! I would've let my inner-Hulk out too, we get people like that in our British version of Wal Mart.

JL Bryan said...

Fun answers, and those were some great video clips. For example, a unicorn...farting rainbows?