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Friday, October 5, 2018

Round-Up: fun and exciting new titles for Fall

I have another awesome book round-up to share with y'all today, featuring some great Fall reads...


The Little Unicorn 
By Sheri Fink 
Illustrations by Lynx Animation Studios 
September 22, 2018 
Whimsical World 

The Little Unicorn lives in an enchanted forest powered by the magic of her inner sparkle. When she begins to doubt herself, the magic within her and her surroundings begins to disappear. She sets off on a journey to save the forest by rediscovering her sparkle, only to find it in the place she least expects. This heartwarming story helps kids realize that we all have an inner sparkle, and we all can create magic when we believe in ourselves. 

-Sheri Fink’s The Little Unicorn is a sweetly charming tale full of bright illustrations, a wonderfully whimsical setting, and a gentle message about friendship, kindness, and believing in yourself. Little readers will be captivated by the colorful pictures and enjoy joining Little Unicorn on her magical adventure. 

First Snow 
By Nancy Viau 
Pictures by Talitha Shipman 
September 1, 2018 
Albert Whitman Company 

Snowflakes falling! What a treat! Friends gather outside to celebrate the first snowfall of the season with snowball fights, sledding, building igloos, drinking hot chocolate, and making the most of a windy, wintry day. With rhyming text and cheerful illustrations, this is a charming celebration of the winter season. 

-Nancy Viau’s First Snow is a delightful and enjoyable celebration of one of Winter’s best days. With simple, yet lyrical and amusing rhymes and lovely, colorful illustrations, First Snow will transport little readers to a wintry, snowy wonderland. 

1 Grumpy Bruce: a counting book 
By Ryan T. Higgins 
October 9, 2018 

1 grumpy bear 
2 uninvited skunks 
3 mice throwing a party 
. . . and it only gets worse from there. 

Long-suffering Bruce once again contends with an increasingly crowded household, this time in an original board book where young ones can count the never-ending party guests. Full of fun characters and humor, 1 Grumpy Bruce is just right for our littlest readers. 

Santa Bruce 
By Ryan T. Higgins 
September 4, 2018 

Bruce is a lot of things. He is a bear. He is a grump. He is a pretty decent cook. And he is a mother. 

One thing Bruce is not? 

Santa Claus. 

But that doesn't stop the whole forest from lining up to give him their Christmas wishes when he becomes the victim of mistaken identity - again. 

-The most lovable and huggable grumpy bear, Bruce, is back in two new stories. In both 1 Grumpy Bruce and Santa Bruce, Ryan T. Higgins uses his signature laugh-out-loud humor, amusing storytelling, and engaging illustrations to charm and excite little readers. Bruce and his furry companions are a wildly fun and unforgettable bunch! 

Henry is Kind 
(A Story of Mindfulness) 
By Linda Ryden 
Illustrated by Shearry Malone 
September 4, 2018 
Tilbury House Publishers 

Ms. Snowden and her class practice sending kind thoughts to the people they love, and they launch a class Kindness Project. There is only one problem: Henry can’t think of one kind thing he has done. Declaring that kindness is stupid, he stomps to the classroom door on the verge of tears, but his classmates save the day by reminding him of the kind things he has done for each of them. 

-Henry Is Kind offers little readers an important and sweetly delivered message about kindness. With accessible text, engaging storytelling, diverse characters, and fun illustrations, little readers will easily absorb its message. 

Bear Can’t Sleep 
By Karma Wilson 
Illustrated by Jane Chapman 
October 23, 2018 
Simon & Schuster 

Bear’s many animal friends try to help him get to sleep in time for winter hibernation in this companion story to Bear Snores On. 

It’s winter, and deep in the forest, Bear should be fast asleep. But when his friends come by to check on him, they realize that Bear is still awake! They brew him hot tea and sing him lullabies, but nothing seems to work. Can Bear get to bed? Or will he be up all winter? 

-In Bear Can’t Sleep, author Karma Wilson and illustrator Jane Chapman weave a humorous and cozy tale that will charm little readers with its sweet rhymes, amusing pictures, and surprising conclusion. 


The Acadia Files: Summer Investigations 
By Katie Coppens 
Illustrations by Holly Hatam 
June 12, 2018 
Tilbury House Publishers 

Acadia Greene wants answers. Who keeps stealing her blueberries just as they ripen on the bushes? Why is her hair curly? Why does the sun wake her up so early in the summer? Why does the tide submerge her sandcastles? How do rocks become sand? Acadia doesn’t set out to do science, but she has these important questions and her scientist parents refuse to simply feed her the answers. “Conduct an experiment,” they tell her. “Use the scientific method.” So Acadia gathers evidence, makes hypotheses, designs experiments, uses the results to test her hypotheses, and draws conclusions. Acadia does science. 

The Acadia Files: Autumn Science 
By Katie Coppens 
Illutrations by Holly Hatam 
September 18, 2018 
Tilbury House Publishers 

Acadia Greene wants answers. What happened to the frogs she used to see at her favorite local pond? Why do leaves change color in the fall, and why don’t evergreen needles do the same? What is the water cycle, and what is transpiration? How do time zones work, and why does the sun set at different times in different places within a single zone? How do germs infect us? Acadia doesn’t mean to do science, but she has questions and her parents refuse to simply give her the answers. “Conduct an experiment,” they tell her. “Use the scientific method.” So Acadia makes hypotheses, designs experiments, analyzes data, and draws conclusions. Acadia does science. 

-The Acadia Files series is a fun and engaging way to introduce and get young readers excited about science and STEM subjects. In each book the author shares five short tales about ten-year-old Acadia exploring the world around her and using science to answer big questions. Informative, thoughtful, and a lot of fun, this series is sure to be hit with curious kids. 

Disney Villains: the evilest of them all 
By Rachel Upton 
Illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team 
July 3, 2018 

Dive into the devilish thoughts of Disney’s most masterful villains and become a part of the story . . . for better or for worse. 

WANTED: The most evil, wicked, abhorrent, vile villain to ever curse this world . . . or any others. 

A villain acting vile is merely part of the job description . . . but which of Disney’s famed scoundrels is the evilest of them all? Dive into the devilish thoughts of The Evil Queen, Jafar, Ursula, and more as they recall their most wicked achievements. With gatefolds and lift-the-flaps, readers can dive into minds of the best of the worst in this fun read for Disney fans of all ages. 

Villains Include... 
Evil Queen (Snow White) Jafar (Aladdin) Mother Gothel (Rapunzel) Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) Ursula (The Little Mermaid) Scar (Lion King) Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) Malificent (Sleeping Beauty) Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) Captain Hook (Peter Pan) Hades (Hercules) Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) 

-Disney Villains: The Evilest of Them All is a delightfully frightful treat for Disney Fans, who will gobble up all the villain goodies and fun facts the author offers up and be captivated by the classic Disney art. 

The Christmasaurus 
By Tom Fletcher 
October 6, 2018 

The Christmasaurus is a story about a boy named William Trundle, and a dinosaur, the Christmasaurus. It's about how they meet one Christmas Eve and have a magical adventure. It's about friendship and families, sleigh bells and Santa, singing elves and flying reindeer, music and magic. It's about discovering your heart's true desire, and learning that the impossible might just be possible. 

Rabbit & Robot 
By Andrew Smith 
September 25, 2018 
Simon & Schuster 

Cager has been transported to the Tennessee, a giant lunar-cruise ship orbiting the moon that his dad owns, by Billy and Rowan to help him shake his Woz addiction. Meanwhile, Earth, in the midst of thirty simultaneous wars, burns to ash beneath them. And as the robots on board become increasingly insane and cannibalistic, and the Earth becomes a toxic wasteland, the boys have to wonder if they’ll be stranded alone in space forever. 


To The Moon and Back: My Apollo 11 Adventure  
(a pop-up book) 
By Buzz Aldrin 
October 16, 2018 
National Geographic 

In celebration of the Apollo 11 Mission's 50th Anniversary, experience the awe and excitement of humankind's first steps on the moon! In this pop-up adventure, readers follow astronaut Buzz Aldrin's story as he encounters the "magnificent desolation" of Earth's only satellite firsthand. 

Including Buzz Aldrin's firsthand accounts of the mission, historical context, images, and personal perspectives. 

Solve This!: Wild and Wacky Challenges for the Genius Engineer in You 
By Joan Marie Galat 
March 13, 2018 
National Geographic 

From the first wheel to the International Space Station, the miracles of engineering are all around us. Think cars, bridges, skyscrapers, and yes - even bubble wrap! Engineers dream up new ideas and bring them to life while figuring out creative solutions to problems they encounter along the way. But how do they do it? Find out in Solve This! 

In this fun book, kids are confronted with wacky scenarios like this one: You're playing with your little sister when a vulture swoops down and grabs her favorite teddy bear. Mid-flight, the vulture realizes it doesn't care for the taste of fake fur and drops it to the ground. But now the plushie is on the other side of a raging river. How do you stop your sister from crying, stay safe, and save the day? Each challenge invites kids to think creatively to problem solve. Then they can see how different National Geographic explorers tackled the challenge. One of the big lessons? There's often more than one solution! 

Dog Science Unleashed: Fun Activities to Do With Your Canine Companion 
By Jodi Wheeler-Toppen 
August 7, 2018 
National Geographic 

Learn about science with the most faithful lab partner you'll ever have -- your dog! Discover how your canine companion thinks, moves, drinks, stays warm, gets clean, cools off, and more. 

Have fun with 22 safe and pup-friendly activities that let you work alongside your dog to discover what makes him tick. Learn to take your dog's pulse and find out how much blood is pumping through his body. Find out if your dog hears things you can't by making a dog whistle. What colors can your dog see? Is he color-blind? Each activity is paired with step-by-step instructions, clear and interesting scientific explanations, and cool photographs shot specifically for this book. Hands-on activities and fun information for budding scientists prompt further learning and offer a behind-the-scenes look at current canine research. When you are finished with the book you'll have a vet-worthy profile of the best canine companion on the planet--yours! 

This book is part of the National Geographic Kids Hands-on Science line which makes science fun and accessible. 

History’s Mysteries: Freaky Phenomena 
(Curious Clues, Cold Cases, and Puzzles from the Past) 
By Kitson Jazynka 
September 25, 2018 
National Geographic 

Curious kids itching for real-life Indiana Jones-like intrigue will get swept away with the next book in this spine-tingling series about solving puzzles of the past--from whole civilizations that have vanished to mystifying monuments and urban legends. 

Fans of Night at the Museum and the Indiana Jones saga will be fascinated by these real-life mysteries: Is there any truth to the legend of Bigfoot? Why have planes and ships suddenly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? Is there really a lost city of gold in the jungle of Central America? The next book in this exciting new series will cover even more of history's most fascinating head-scratching conundrums, including the curse of the Hope Diamond, King Tut's tomb, black holes, the puzzling disappearance of ancient civilizations, cryptic creatures of myth and legend, long-lost treasure, and so much more. Kids can dig into these mysteries, uncover clues, and ponder leading scientific theories to help decipher what really happened. Chock-full of cool photos, fun facts, and spooky fun, this book is sure to keep curious kids engaged as they try to piece together these puzzles of the past!  

Animal Zombies: And Other Bloodsucking Beasts, Creepy Creatures, and Real-Life Monsters 
By Chana Stiefel 
August 28, 2018 
National Geographic 

Zombie alert! Meet the real-life monsters of the animal kingdom and explore the gory, gross, and creepy behaviors these creatures have honed in order to survive. 

Do monsters really exist? Find out for yourself in this fun-filled book, featuring some real-life wonders of nature: zombifying parasites, bloodsucking vampires, aliens, sea beasts, ghosts, and more. Discover more than 50 creatures with unusual talents, find out what makes each animal tick, and whether they are truly "monsters" after all. Features include eye-popping photography, spine-tingling scientific info, the most up-to-date research, and fun facts for extra knowledge. You'll also meet the "Mad Scientist" experts who study these creatures, explore the creepy origins of their mythical counterparts, and learn how these spooky adaptations help them survive.  

-National Geographic offer up five awesome new titles for curious and adventurous readers everywhere! Each of the five titles above is engaging, wildly fun, chock full of fantastic facts, bursting with exciting photos, and impossible to put down. National Geographic books always make science fun and easily understood for young readers. 


Sign Here: Twenty-Two Unofficially Official Pull-Out Forms for Dreams, Pets, Pocket Money, Feelings, Secrets, and So Much More 
By Gabrielle Djanology 
Illustrated by Adele Mildred 
October 8, 2018 

It’s hard to apologize. It’s hard to say thank you. Sometimes it’s even hard to invite someone over for a birthday party. This cleverly designed, slyly bureaucratic collection of “forms” makes dealing with these childhood issues a great deal less awkward and a whole lot more fun. Issued in impressively official script and language by the Department of Regret, Remorse, and Reconciliation, the Union of Childhood Revenue, the Ministry of Dreams, and other indispensable offices, these forms help kids say some of the hard stuff: “I’ve eaten the last piece of...,” “You’re the best sister in the world,” “Thank you for buying me stuff I need,” “Thank you for buying me stuff I don’t need.” And, because it’s important to record even your most private feelings, there are forms to verify that one’s parents are, indeed, aliens; that the surprise birthday gift was not actually a surprise; that you had a really scary dream; and other conundrums not easily expressed in person. Highly adaptable to meet the needs and desires of any boy or girl, these forms can be endlessly photocopied—and of course filed away by parents and grandparents for future reminiscences and chuckles. 

-This clever and laugh-out-loud collection of pull-out forms will delight and amuse young readers! Creative, cheeky, and just plain fun, these forms are as much to read as they are to fill out and use. 

Zombie Cross-Stitch 
by Erica Kern 
August 7, 2018 
Thunder Bay Press 

Everything you need to stitch your brains out! 

Every undead heart will be warmed by these gruesome and hilarious cross-stitch projects. Zombie Cross-stitch includes a 64-page book with an overview of basic techniques and instructions for creating a dozen cross-stitch patterns, plus all the materials needed to complete two projects. From baby bibs and pillow covers to office signs and door hangers, this light-hearted kit will inspire crafters to bring their favorite zombies into the land of the living. 

-This creeptastic Zombie Cross-Stitch kit is perfect for Halloween fun! It comes with everything you need to complete two delicious projects and the instructions are easy and accessible for beginners. 

Smithsonian Exploration Station: Solar System 
By Jon Richards 
November 6, 2018 

Take a trip through the stratosphere with the Smithsonian! 

Take a trip into the stratosphere with Smithsonian Exploration Station: Space! With informative text and full-color photographs, young astronomers will learn about the intricate makeup of our solar system as well as distant galaxies and constellations. The 56-page fact book combined with the sticker sheet, space figurines to play with, and the glow-in-the-dark stars make this space experience interactive and engaging. 

Includes a 56-page fact book, 30 stickers, 22 glow-in-the-dark stars, and 2 figurines (astronaut and rocket). 

Smithsonian Exploration Station: World Atlas 
By John Farndon 
November 6, 2018 

Go on a globetrotting adventure with the Smithsonian!  

Head off on a globetrotting adventure in this interactive atlas! Learn about the diverse cultures, customs, wildlife, and natural beauty that form our world through informative text and full-color photograph. Children will love the hands-on aspect to learning as they blow up their inflatable globe and build the cardstock models of some of the wonders of the world. Smithsonian Exploration Station: World Atlas is the perfect way to engage kids in the amazing world around them!  

Includes a 56-page fact book, 30 stickers, 1 inflatable globe, and 3 cardstock models to assemble: the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and a Mayan pyramid. 

Smithsonian Exploration Station: Human Body 
By Ruth Strother 
November 6, 2018 

Discover the amazing systems in the human body with the Smithsonian!  

Discover what makes your blood pump and your muscles stretch in this hands-on learning experience! With fascinating facts, full-color photographs, a plastic model skeleton, and 25 fact cards, Smithsonian Exploration Station: Human Body is a fun, engaging way to learn about the inner workings of the complex systems that make the human body.  

Includes a 56-page fact book, 30 stickers, 1 plastic model skeleton (13 pieces), and 25 fact cards.  

-These three awesome interactive activity kits from Silver Dolphin Books will provide hours of educational fun for young readers. Each kit is chock full of engaging information and hands on fun that inspire curiosity and imagination. Wonderfully crafted, affordable, and so much fun!

*Disclaimer: I received copies of all titles above for review/feature purposes. All reviews, opinions, and thoughts are my own.

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