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Monday, October 8, 2018

Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep Blog Tour (review & giveaway)

Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep 
By Anthony Pearson 
Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris 
October 1, 2018 
Two Lions 
Source: pub 

Eduardo Guadardo may look fluffy. He may look cute. But he’s no little lamb. He’s about to graduate from the FBI—that’s the Fairytale Bureau of Investigations—as an Elite Sheep. He knows five forms of kung fu, and he can outfox the foxiest of foxes. In fact, he’s so good they put him on his own case: to keep the farmer’s daughter, Mary, safe from Wolf, Troll, and Witch. It’s a job for somebody baaaaaaad—someone like a soon-to-be Elite Sheep. The thing is, protecting Mary isn’t quite as easy as Eduardo expected… 

This imaginary backstory for “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is hilarious, action-packed, and filled with subterfuge (that means pulling the wool over your eyes, for you civilians).  

Watch the book trailer 

Eduardo Guadardo wants to be an Elite Sheep and he’s about to get his chance when he’s given his very own case from the F.B.I (Fairy-tale Bureau of Investigation). Believing he doesn’t need a partner, Eduardo sets out to work his case, but things don’t go exactly as planned for this Elite Sheep. 

Anthony Pearson’s Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep is an absolutely delightful and wildly charming new picture book! Pearson takes classic fairytale stories and characters, infuses them with his irresistibly amusing storytelling, creating a pitch-perfect tale that will leave little and big readers in fits of giggles. Jennifer Morris wonderfully captures this topsy-turvy tale and brings Eduardo and the other fairytale characters to life through lively, cheeky, and engaging illustrations. 

Little readers will have so much fun watching Eduardo’s wacky and funny case unfold and will be delighted by the surprise ending. With a positive message about teamwork and an immensely laugh-out-loud story, Eduardo Guadardo, Elite Sheep is sure to be a storytime hit! 

5/5 Cupcakes

Anthony Pearson is not a spy. He's not. We promise. He's actually a school counselor, a child therapist, and the author of Baby Bear Eats the Night, illustrated by Bonnie Leick. But that didn't stop him from digging for clues about "Mary Had a Little Lamb." What he found made him imagine what could have inspired the rhyme: a sheep that is totally, absolutely, 100 percent in control of things … or maybe just 95 percent. And squirrels in sunglasses. Oh, and a witch flying a helicopter. But you didn't hear about the Fairytale Bureau of Investigations from him. Anthony and his family live in deep cover in Georgia. Get more intel about him at 
Twitter: @APearson_Writer 
Jennifer E. Morris has written and illustrated award-winning picture books and has also illustrated children’s magazines, greeting cards, partyware, and educational materials. She has not illustrated classified documents nor is she a super secret agent. She is, however, the creator of May I Please Have a Cookie? which has infiltrated more than a million homes. If you say “The dove flies at noon,” she may tell you what the ducks recorded on their cameras. Maybe. But most likely not. Jennifer lives with her family in Massachusetts, just a few miles from the little red schoolhouse where “Mary Had a Little Lamb” originated. Read more of her dossier (that’s DAH-see-ay) at 
Twitter: @jemorrisbooks

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Danielle H. said...

I have to read this hilarious and creative book. The premise is so imaginative and I wish I'd thought about it first. Congrats to the author and illustrator on this fun book.

John Smith said...

The illustrations are delightful and this sounds fun!