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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Douglas, You're A Genius Blog Tour (review)

Douglas, You’re A Genius 
By Ged Adamson 
September 11, 2018 
Penguin Random House 
Source: pub 

Laugh along with a dog named Douglas and his pal Nancy in this silly follow-up to Douglas, You Need Glasses! as the friends execute outrageous plans to meet their neighbors.  

Pals Nancy and Douglas think their baseball game is over after their ball rolls through a hole in the fence. But when the ball rolls back, followed by a note in an unfamiliar language, they have to discover who's on the other side of the fence. And so in a series of truly outrageous--and hilarious--stunts, Nancy tries to launch, vault, and fly Douglas over to the other side to see what's what. Finally, after all Nancy's plans fail, Douglas gets his turn to execute a plan--and it works! And who do they find? New friends who speak Spanish. Readers will laugh out loud at the antics in this zany picture book, which proves that working together makes everything more fun. 

A missing-then-mysteriously-returned baseball sets Nancy and her dog Douglas on a mission to meet their neighbors on the other side of a VERY tall hedge. Nancy has a plan then another and another, but will they work? And just who’s waiting on the other side? 

Ged Adamson’s Douglas, You’re A Genius is a cleverly cheeky and laugh-out-loud new picture book! The endearing and sweetly charming Nancy and doggo Douglas make for an irresistibly likable pair. Little readers will have an absolute blast watching each of Nancy’s outrageous and awesomely over-the-top plans unfold and their results will leave readers excitingly bemused. Adamson’s amusing and intricate illustrations will captivate and entertain readers with their ability to perfectly capture the story’s humor and can-do-attitude. 

Douglas, You’re A Genius is a delightful romp full of laughs, fun characters, and great messages about hardwork and friendship. 

GED ADAMSON is the author and illustrator of Douglas, You Need Glasses!;I Want to Grow; Shark Dog!, and most recently, Douglas, You’re a Genius! He has worked as a cartoonist, a storyboard artist, and a music composer. It was always his ambition to write and illustrate picture books. Ged lives in London with his family. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter at @ged_adamson.

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