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Monday, September 2, 2013

Natasha Wing's Back To School Blog Tour {Guest Post and Giveaway}

Summer is winding down (boo!) and schools all over are starting up, and what better way to celebrate than with Natasha Wing's Back To School Blog Tour! Natasha is the author of the adorable, best-selling Night Before books and her Night Before School books are fantastic books to read to those younger students just starting out in school. Below, you'll find more info on Natasha's books, a fun guest post, and fabby fab giveaway...

The Night Before books include these four school related books:

Kids get ready for preschool, but one child is having trouble fitting in. Another child helps him feel safe so he can settle in for a nap.

It’s almost the first day of school, and kids are getting ready. What will kindergarten be like? Will the teacher be nice? Will mommies and daddies miss their children?
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It’s the night before the first day of first grade and two friends are in for a shock. But school is for making new friends, and that what makes first grade doubly fun.
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What will students bring for the 100th day of school celebration? One boy’s project gets loose!
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Back-to-School with Natasha Wing, 
Author of the Night Before series

When I was a little girl, I remember being so excited to go back to school! Brand new yellow pencils not even sharpened yet. A lunch box (with probably a Fluffernutter sandwich in it – yum, my favorite!) A fresh haircut and new clothes. Back then I lived in Connecticut only a few blocks from my school so I walked instead of taking the bus. My mom took home movies of me and my neighbors heading down the street, waving goodbye in my new dress, with a big smile on my face.
Even now at this time of year, I get excited. I love seeing the school supplies in stores and pine for new yellow pencils.  And I always get a bolt of organizing energy - summer is over and it’s time to buckle down - so I clean up my desktop and file, file, file.
That’s why it was fun for me to write the school-themed books in my Night Before series. I remember the excitement, but also the nervousness, of starting school. In writing these stories I wanted to capture those feelings, and then reassure kids that everything will be okay. Because school is cool!
The Night Before Kindergarten was the first school story. The idea actually came from my editor who was riding the subway in New York City and overheard a girl talking about starting Kindergarten. I had already written a few Night Before books about holidays, but my editor thought school would make another good topic for the series. So we worked together to come up with a story that reassured both the child heading off to school and the parents who were watching their “baby” being all grown up. (And to my delight, The Night Before Kindergarten Gift Set just came out with my book plus markers, paints, a calendar of the first 100 days of school and a bookmark. Hurray for school supplies!)
Then came The Night Before First Grade. I didn’t want to repeat the same process of starting school, so I spoke to parents and teachers and found out the one hard thing for kids was making friends in Kindergarten only to discover that they are not in the same classroom the next year. So this story is about two friends who get separated. They each make a new friend in their different classrooms, and at lunchtime, find out they made friends with twins - so school would now be doubly fun!
The idea for The Night Before Preschool came about as preschool was becoming a more popular choice as a way to prep kids for the “big kid school.” In this story, a boy has the jitters and realizes that he forgot his teddy bear at home. When naptime comes and he doesn’t have his snuggle friend, another preschooler loans him her bunny. After a day at preschool, the boy decides that he can’t wait to come back the next day!
One of the most favorite moments I had as an author who visits schools was going back to my old elementary school – Racebrook Elementary in Orange, Connecticut – and presenting to kids who now go there. It was especially memorable because one of my old high school friends teaches there. The students enjoyed it, too, because they got to meet a lady who had gone to their school who was now a famous author!
School visits bring back fond memories of my school days. And I still love the sight and smell of freshly sharpened yellow pencils. Only now, instead of practicing the ABCs, I use them to edit my children’s stories.

Here’s a photo of me as an elementary grade student:

Practicing my alphabet and numbers:

Thanks again to Natasha Wing for appearing.  For other stops on her Back-to-School Blog Tour please check

Natasha Wing
Why am I a writer? When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I’d line up my stuffed animals in front of a board and teach them the alphabet and how to count. In high school I wanted to be a tennis player. I was on the tennis team, and played at our neighborhood tennis club. Then in college I thought digging dinosaur bones would be a cool job. Or working at a big time advertising agency. It wasn’t until I was working at my own public relations agency that I decided I really wanted to write children’s books. I was so inspired by the magic of reading a book that I wanted to see if my active imagination could create magical moments for kids all over the world. I started to write, then sent my stories to publishers, and sold my first manuscript in 1992. I’ve been writing ever since.
Why I write now.
I love the freedom of being my own boss, of coming up with ideas on my own and writing that first draft to see if my idea has any spark. I’m not so crazy about the revising process although there are thrilling moments when I figure out a better way to say something, or when I nail dialog, or work through a complicated plot line. The most exciting moment is when an editor says they want to publish my manuscript. Then I know all my hard work has paid off, and that soon, children will enter my imaginative world through a book.

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These books look soooo cute. I will keep them in mind for the little ones in my life. :)

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My daughter just started Kindergarten today! She would love these books!

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It's nice to see books promoted for children, Thank You for sharing