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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mini Picture Book Review: Doodled Doggy by Jason Sandberg

Doodled Doggy
by Jason Sandberg

Doodles are usually drawn in the margins of a notebook, scribbled on  ephemeral scraps of paper. But what happens when a doodle comes to life and refuses to be erased or discarded. Doodled Doggy is a lighthearted adventure for the young at heart!

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Jason Sandberg’s Doodled Doggy is a super cute picture book that’s sure to delight the preschool crowd. A quick read, Doodled Doggy follows the antics of one silly doodled dog who comes to life and does all he can to escape capture by his creator. Doodled Doggy features short, yet charming and addicting couplet rhymes that little readers will love and easily memorize. The rhyming story is perfect for being read aloud in different, fun voices.

Sandberg’s illustrations are simple, yet amusing, with their soft color palette and funny main star. The doodled doggy has a lot of character and personality, which shines off the pages. This is a character that could easily be drawn by little readers, who will definitely want to create their own doodled doggies.

Entertaining and endearing, Doodled Doggy will be a big hit with young readers who will want to read it again and again.

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Evie said...

Oh gosh, this book looks adorable :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Aeicha! :) Great review!