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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cover Reveal: Lost Eden (The Soulkeepers #5) by G.P. Ching

Y'all know that if I'm participating in a cover reveal then it's for a book that I'm SUPER stoked for! And I am super super excited for the fifth book in G.P. Ching's The Soulkeepers Series. This awesome series is one of my absolute faves, so let's take a look at the cover of book five...

Lost Eden  
(The Soulkeepers #5) 
by G.P. Ching
Publication date: November 18th 2013 
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Rules. Balance. Consequences. War.

When Fate gave Dane the water from Eden to drink, she did more than save his life. She changed his destiny.

Since the beginning, a compact between God and Lucifer has maintained a tenuous peace, balancing Soulkeepers and Watchers and the natural order of things. Dane upset that balance the day he became a Soulkeeper. Fate broke the rules.

Now, Lucifer is demanding a consequence, requiring Fate to pay the ultimate price for her involvement. God intervenes on the immortal’s behalf but in order to save her soul must dissolve the compact and with it the rules, order, and balance that have kept the peace. A challenge is issued. A contest for human souls begins. And the stakes? Earth. Winner take all.

The Soulkeepers are at the center of a war between Heaven and Hell, and this time, nobody, anywhere, is safe from Lucifer’s reach.

This fantastic cover was designed by Steven Novak

Whaddya think of that cover?! I think it's awesome! I love how each cover in the series is very character driven and symbolizes the story so well.

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G.P. Ching
G.P Ching is the author of The Soulkeepers Series and variety of short fiction. She specializes in cross-genre paranormal stories, loves old cemeteries, and enjoys a good ghost tour. She lives in central Illinois with her husband, two children, and one very demanding guinea pig.

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