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Aeicha @ Word Spelunking

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...Have a GIANT Cupcake

Happy Valentine's Day my lovely Cupcakes! I just love this day of love and I just love all of you...seriously, I love you the most non-creepy way possible of course. Come on, let's celebrate all this love with a big group hug *hugs you all*.
Now, y'all know that I tend to celebrate things wiitthhh...CUPCAKES! That's right- cupcakes, my one true love ;)
And today is no different...except, today I decided that instead of making a bunch of little cupcakes, I'd make one BIG cupcake...

Yep, that's one big, yummy cupcake right?! This red velvet cupcake with vanilla frosting and red/white/pink heart shaped sprinkles, sitting among conversation hearts, is about the size of a regular it's quite a bit bigger than an original cupcake.
I may be a bit biased (since I made it and all), but I just love my Giant Cupcake of Love! And I wish I could cut you all slice, but just know that I will think of all my Cupcakes as I eat this cupcake.
I hope you all spend this day surrounded by love in some form and be sure to indulge in some sweetness of your own <3

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I'm super excited to pick a winner and give away this awesome prize.
Good Luck Cupcakes!



Forever Lost in Books said...

OMG!! I sooo want a slice *sigh* It looks good!

Anonymous said...

It it bad that the first thing that wondering how you baked it evenly was the first thing that popped in my head? Seriously though, this is quite a festive and impressive cupcake. Love it! Hope you had a swell Valentine's Day!

- Jackie

Aeicha @ Word Spelunking said...

@Forever Lost in Books- haha! Thanks, it was very tasty ;)

@booksntea- thanks! I actually used a special large cupcake shaped cake pan to bake it.

Happy Valentine's Day to you both <3

Amy said...

That is just awesome!! I seriously want that!!