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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

March MG Madness: A MG Celebration Event

When I was a little girl I fell in love with reading, and what I read most as a child were books considered MG. I've read and reviewed a few MG titles here at Word Spelunking, but not nearly enough. Which is why I'm dedicating March to the awesomeness that is MG Fiction!

Authors: All month long I'll be featuring different MG books, along with my reviews, author interviews, guest posts, and of course giveaways! I already have some wonderful books and authors lined up, but I'd love to include more. If you're an author of a new, upcoming, or already published MG book/series and would like to take part in this event, well I'd love to have you! You can email at
I'd be more than happy to feature your book in March or have you stop by for an interview, guest post, or giveaway.

I'll be taking participation/promotion requests for this event until Feb. 23!

Fellow bloggers and followers: if you'd like to participate, that would be awesome too! I'd love to have any of you stop by Word Spelunking and do a guest post all about your favorite MG book or why you love MG. Just send me an email! And hopefully, this will encourage some of you to share the MG love on your blog ;)

Be sure to stop by in March to join in all the MG fun, discover some new MG books and authors, and win some awesome MG prizes!


Leah Marie said...

I'm excited about this! I love MG books and am looking forward to what we'll see here in March!

Amy said...

I don't read a whole lot of MG now, but I still do enjoy them. I think this is great. I look forward to seeing the posts through the month of March spotlighting awesome MG books. I am no good at picking favorites for anything otherwise I would love to do a guest post for you, but I would be horrible for it.

Sarahbotbonkers said...

I'd love to do a guest post! :) I love MG and still love 'em now. I'm looking forward to all your posts. :D

DMS said...

I have co-authored a middle grade novel entitled, The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow
A Middle Grade Novel
By J.Haight & S.Robinson

We would be over the top to be featured on your site! Thank you for the opportunity!
~ Jess Haight
Here is our blog link:

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is a lot of MG love happening in March. Love it...between you and Jill at O.W.L. and the MG reading challenge on another blog it is going to be a whole lot of fun.

There is also something called Marvelous Middle Grade Monday you could check out if you haven't already--it was started by Shannon Whitney Messenger. Every Monday a growing group of bloggers features their recent favourite middle grade reads.

Looking forward to following along with your blog in March!