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Sunday, October 2, 2011



Ok, so technically it's been October for a few days now but I'm still in the mood to welcome this month. I happen to love the month of October, even if it is in Fall. Why? Well because Halloween is in October and so is my birthday *does the birthday dance*. My b-day is the 23rd so ya'll have about 20 days to buy me something fabulous ;) *teeheehee*. October also means my Happy Birthday To Me & All My Followers Giveaway! I'm super excited to be having this giveaway and will be posting more info in a few please be patient. But, in the meantime I give you today's haiku:
My B-Day Month Could Kick Your B-Day Month's Butt
With Birthday cake and
Halloween candy galore
October's the best!

I'm a rat *nibble nibble*

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