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Monday, October 21, 2019

Wonderful New Books To Check Out This Fall And Winter

I have a great batch of books to share with y'all today! Check out my reviews below...

The GayBCs 
Words and pictures by M.L. Webb 
Quirk Books 
In this inclusive book of ABCs, four friends play and explore during a playdate extravaganza. As they sashay out of closets and discover a wardrobe fit for a king or queen, they realize that many problems can be solved with a little makeup, imagination, and, of course, your best friends! 
 Featuring bright illustrations and upbeat, accessible poems, The GayBCs is perfect for fans of A Is for Activist and Feminist Baby—showing kids and adults alike that every identity is worthy of being celebrated. 

M.L. Webb’s The GayBCs is a bright, joyous celebration of LGBTQ+ identities. Webb enthusiastically introduces young readers to LGBTQ+ terms in easily understood ways, through honest, exuberant text and fun, happy illustrations. 

Sunny Day: A Celebration of the Sesame Street Theme Song 
Theme song by Joe Rapso 
Various illustrators 
Random House Children’s Books 
Superstar illustrators celebrate the iconic Sesame Street theme song with stunning original art in this one-of-a-kind picture book!  To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Sesame Street, beloved picture-book artists have each created an artwork interpreting a different line from "Sunny Day," the iconic Sesame Street theme song. The range of their pieces demonstrates that Sesame Street can truly be found anywhere. The award-winning and bestselling roster of illustrators includes Christian Robinson, Tom Lichtenheld, Vanessa Brantley-Newton, Leo Espinosa, and Dan Santat, among others. The result is a stunning tribute to Sesame Street and to the generations of children who have loved the show. Anyone who opens this beautiful book will be inspired to imagine their own perfect sunny day.  For half a century, Sesame Street has helped kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder through its messages about inclusiveness, kindness, and, of course, literacy and numeracy. 

Various powerhouse illustrators bring Joe Raposo’s iconic and beloved Sesame Street theme song, “Sunny Day”, to life in this sunny picture book, bursting with bright colors, diverse characters, and lots of joy. Will have smiling little readers singing along again and again! 

Frankie’s Scared of Everything 
Words and illustrations by Mathew Franklin 
Building Block Press 
You would be scared too if your own brain was out to get you! The world can be a dark place. More and more we find ourselves and our children feeling overwhelmed by the unknown and the pressures of society. This book helps instill early on the fact that our fears can be our greatest strengths. Follow Frankie as their imagination runs wild creating robots, beasts, sea creatures, and even a mole man on this technicolor adventure. Being afraid has never looked so fun. 

Mathew Franklin’s Frankie’s Scared Of Everything is an amusing and captivating picture book about the power of imagination! Through fun, engaging rhymes and deliciously stylized and colored illustrations, Franklin offers little readers a relatable and spooktacular tale! 

Vlad the Rad 
By Brigette Barrager 
Random House Children’s Books 
NEW from the bestselling illustrator of Uni the Unicorn! A new mythical--and totally rad--character to laugh with and love.  Vlad is always getting in trouble at Miss Fussbucket's School for Aspiring Spooks. Unlike the other little vampires, witches, mummies, and ghosts, Vlad isn't very interested in learning spookiness. That's because...Vlad loves to skateboard! How can he possibly think about being a good spook when all he wants to do is practice his latest gnarly trick? Maybe Vlad can find a way to do both!  Brigette Barrager's debut author-illustrator project is full of energy, fun, and sweet tricks! Passionate kids will identify with Vlad, and will take heart from the way he combines his love of skateboarding with his schoolwork. A perfect Halloween read-aloud for the classroom! 

Brigette Barrager’s Vlad The Rad is a whimsically spooky and quirky fun tale about following your passion and being yourself. With laugh-out-loud, amusing text, engaging, energetic illustrations, and bursting with fun frights, Vlad the Rad is perfect for Halloween reading. 

All Around Bustletown: Winter 
By Rotraut Susanne Berner 
Prestel Junior 
Kids will cozy up for hours of fun as they peruse All Around Bustletown: Winter by Rotraut Susanne Berner, this joyfully illustrated book that shows the endless ways winter takes hold in a busy, charming town.  
Winter has arrived and everywhere you look people are embracing the season. At home there's baking, reading, and sleeping in, while on the farm the fields are fallow and quiet. Outside people are bundled up against the cold as they are skating, sledding, and running to catch a crowded bus. The town's buildings are alive with activity--piano lessons, a dentist appointment, shopping for presents, and visiting the museum. And if you look closer, you'll recognize the same characters on page after page, each with their own story. Wilfred the jogger has lost his keys, and Erica is shopping for a Christmas tree. Each minutely detailed scene is bursting with different people, such as a cheerful lady with an umbrella and a young violinist, as well as animals and birds. In the tradition of Richard Scarry and Where's Waldo, this book encourages kids to return again and again to these charming spreads, following along with the characters and inventing their own stories. They'll recognize parts of their own world, while also learning about the endless ways we live, work, and play in the winter. 

All Around Bustletown: Winter is a beautifully captivating celebration of winter life! Every page of this board book is filled to the brim with lively, fun, and engaging wintry scenes that will delight and amuse with their details, characters, and sweetness.  

Charles Darwin’s On The Origin Of Species 
Adapted and illustrated by Sabina Radeva 
Random House Children’s Books 
A picture book adaptation of Charles Darwin's groundbreaking On the Origin of Species, lushly illustrated and told in accessible and engaging easy-to-understand text for young readers.  On the Origin of Species revolutionized our understanding of the natural world. Now young readers can discover Charles Darwin's groundbreaking theory of evolution for themselves in this stunning picture-book adaptation that uses stylish illustrations and simple text to introduce how species form, develop, and change over time. 

This is a stunning and utterly fascinating illustrated adaption of Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species. Sabina Radeva cleverly and effectively introduces the concepts and ideas found in Darwin’s work to young readers, through easily understood text and lovely illustrations. Informative and inspiring, this wondrous books will captivate readers of all ages! 

Adventures on Earth 
By Simon Tyler 
Pavilion Books 
The wonderful graphic illustrator Simon Tyler is back with a book all about the extremes of our planet - and the people who venture there. Bursting with information and illustrated in bold and colourful graphics, this book will grab the attention of all avid explorers - big and small.  Follow in the footsteps of the world's most famous explorers and travel to the extremes of our environment on Earth--learn about the highest and deepest, hottest and coldest places on Earth. Discover the world's most wild terrain--deserts, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, jungles, oceans, the polar regions and more and learn about how they were discovered and explored by human adventurers. Find out how these regions are under threat from global warming and other issues, and learn what we can do to conserve them. 

In Adventures On Earth, Simon Tyler takes readers on a breathtaking journey to the most extreme places on Earth. Full of fascinating information and simple, yet absolutely stunning illustrations, this engaging book will captivate, educate, and stimulate the mind and imagination! 

*I received copies of the titles above for review/feature purposes. All thoughts, opinions, reviews are my own.

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