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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Review and Giveaway: The Last Dragon (The Revenge of Magic #2) by James Riley

The Last Dragon 
(The Revenge of Magic #2) 
By James Riley 
October 8, 2019 

Fort Fitzgerald is determined to uncover the truth, but a new student at school and the secrets he has to keep complicate matters in this second novel in a thrilling new series from the author of the New York Times bestselling Story Thieves! 

Fort Fitzgerald can’t stop having nightmares about the day his father was taken from him in an attack on Washington, DC. In these dreams, an Old One, an evil beyond comprehension, demands the location of the last dragon. But other than some dragon skeletons dug up with the books of magic on Discovery Day, Fort has never seen a dragon before. Could there still be one left alive? 

And weirdly, Fort’s not the only one at the Oppenheimer School having these nightmares. His new roommate, Gabriel, seems to know more than he’s letting on about this dragon as well. And why does everyone at the school seem to do whatever Gabriel says? What’s his secret? 

Fort’s going to need the help of his friends Cyrus, Jia, and Rachel, if he’s going to have any chance of keeping the Old Ones from returning to Earth. Unless, the Old Ones offer something Fort could never turn down… 

Fort and his friends are settling in at the new location of the Oppenheimer School, but Fort is keeping a huge secret: his father may be alive and Fort is determined to rescue him! But in order to do so, Fort must keep dangerous secrets, learn complicated magic, go on a perilous journey, and break every rule imaginable. With startling revelations, hurtful betrayals, and shocking twists around every corner, will Fort be able to save his dad, his friends, and himself? 

James Riley returns to his fast-paced, exciting middle-grade The Revenge Of Magic series, with book two, The Last Dragon. Riley offers young readers another edge-of-your-seat, cinematic thrill ride, full of cool magic, capable young heroes, and engaging storytelling. 

In The Last Dragon, readers will join Fort on his dangerous rescue mission into an eerily exciting and intriguing underground world, full of surprises. And once again, Riley fills this world with captivating fantasy elements, fun humor, dark whimsy, and cool characters. Readers will be fascinated by the new magic Fort learns and encounters, and enthralled by the new beings introduced in book two. We get to know Fort, Jia, Rachel, Cyrus, Sierra, and the other characters better and they continue to be likable, well-developed, and fun to root for. 

Riley takes both Fort and readers on twisty, turny, compelling adventure, and the excitement and shocks keep coming until the very last page. Young readers will eagerly dive into this book and series! 

4/5 Cupcakes

James Riley is the New York Times bestelling author of the HALF UPON A TIME series, the STORY THIEVES series, and the REVENGE OF MAGIC series. Contrary to what previous biographies have stated, he is a) real and b) not the character Nobody from his STORY THIEVES books. Where would people even get that idea? (Spoiler: From him. He totally made it sound like he really was Nobody. He thought it’d be funny. We’re sorry.) He was born in Connecticut, where he lived for only a short time before moving to … well, quite a few states. He currently lives in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C., because that’s where his cats are. He has four of them. Other people think that’s a bit much.  

James is currently working on getting REVENGE OF MAGIC books out every six months, so he might be a little busy. But feel free to e-mail him with questions at, or ask on his blog. 

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John Smith said...

These sound like exciting stories about dragons and magic!

Danielle H. said...

I love to read books with dragons!

Tonja Drecker said...

This is a fast-paced adventure! I enjoyed it too (and gave it the same rating :) )

Nancy P said...

Fantastic covers. Sounds great.

Dan Denman said...

The artwork on the book covers is great! This sounds like a great fantasy adventure!