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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Christmasaurus Blog Tour (review)

The Christmasaurus 
By Tom Fletcher 
Illustrated by Shane Devries 
October 23, 2018 
Random House BFYR 
Source: pub 

Why settle for a pony or a puppy for Christmas when you could have a dinosaur? A rollicking adventure from singer-songwriter and YouTuber Tom Fletcher. 

Once upon a time--long, long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth--an egg rolled away from its mother and landed in the ocean, where it froze solid and stayed peacefully for thousands of years. Then one day Santa and his elves discover the frozen egg, and Santa sits on it to see if it will hatch. But he can't guess what's inside. . . . A dinosaur! 

Meanwhile, a young boy named William Trundle has only ever wished for one thing for Christmas: a dinosaur! So when Santa accidentally gives William the real Christmasaurus instead of a stuffed replica, it's the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Until an evil man known as the Hunter decides a dinosaur will be the perfect addition to his collection. 

A wild and hilarious adventure ensues. An instant Christmas classic!

Dinosaur obsessed ten-year-old William Trundle lives with his Christmas loving father in their tiny little house and things used to be just fine. But now William must deal with Brenda Payne, a super duper mean bully at school who makes fun of William and his wheelchair. At the North Pole, the elves make a fantastic discover: a shiny egg in the ice. Santa uses his warm bottom to hatch the egg and a Christmasaurus pops out! One present delivery mishap later, William and the Christmasaurus find themselves teaming up to outwit a jerk known as the Hunter...and Christmas will never be the same! 

Tom Fletcher’s The Christmasaurus is a rollicking and festive middle-grade romp that’s stocking stuffed full of Christmas cheer, laugh out loud silliness, and charming characters! 

Fletcher’s slapstick, wackadoodle humor and wildly fun over-the-top storytelling is perfect for the younger middle-grade crowd. Fletcher’s use of fantastical, nonsensical words, cheeky rhymes, and emphasized action words will amuse readers and set off many giggle fits.  From the last days of the dinosaurs to the North Pole, and a museum cloaked in darkness, The Christmasaurus takes readers on whimsically wondrous adventure. Fletcher’s cleverly and imaginatively crafted North Pole is simply delightful, from its rhyming elves, multiple North Star-bucks locations, and sleigh full of surprises. And Shane Devries’ deliciously rendered illustrations magically bring this world to life. 

From larger than life Santa, to his hardworking elves, the unforgettable Christmasaurus, endearing William, and even the wickedly evil Hunter and meanie-pants Brenda, Fletcher offers readers a cast of characters to love, to root for, to laugh with, and cheerily boo. 

Young readers who prefer their holiday tales to be filled with giggle-snorting laughs, high flying adventure, unexpected friendships, and bizzwanging magic will gobble up The Christmasaurus as if it were made of candy canes. 

4/5 Cupcakes

TOM FLETCHER is an award-winning songwriter, as well as a children’s author, YouTube star, daddy, and McFly band member. He has a huge social-media presence, and his viral videos have been featured on Good Morning America. He and his bandmate Dougie Poynter are the co-authors of the Dinosaur That Pooped picture books, which have sold over one million copies in England. Tom is married to the author Giovanna Fletcher, and they have two children. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @TomFletcher and on YouTube at

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Tonja Drecker said...

What a fun idea for a holiday book! Thanks for sharing!