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Monday, December 10, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up: Kid's Books

Christmas is just around the corner and, if you're still searching for that perfect book for the young reader(s) in your life, then today is your lucky day! I have another list of some awesome kid's books that I really enjoyed to share with y'all...

Sesame Street: Another Monster at the End of This Book: An Interactive Adventure 
By Jon Stone 
September 4, 2018 
Studio Fun International 
Source: pub 

In this interactive version of the classic Sesame Street story, Grover tries everything to keep Elmo from turning another page and reaching the monster at the end of the book. With lift-the-flaps, sliders, and pop-up elements that kids will delight in, Another Monster is sure to be a new story time favorite! 

2018 National Parenting Product Awards Winner. Tom Brannon’s illustrations are based on original artwork by Mike Smollin. 

Little readers will burst into giggles as they join Grover in trying to keep Elmo from turning pages. Splashes of bright colors, amusing text, and fun interactive tabs, pop-ups, and sliders will delight and entertain, while the sturdy boardbook pages will fit comfortably in tiny hands. Sure to be a favorite read again and again! 

Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: A Center Stage Pop-Up Book  
By Courtney Acampora 
October 2, 2018 
Studio Fun International 
Source: pub 

The Ballerina of the Realms dances on every page of this magical book! 

From Disney's all-new live action film The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, follow the elegant Ballerina of the Realms as she dances center stage in this artistic pop-up book, celebrating each of the unique and picturesque Four Realms. This beautiful format is a perfect holiday gift for fans of this classic tale, full of colorful characters and no shortage of surprises. 

My five-year-old niece is in love with this book; she actually hugged it when I gave it to her...and it’s easy to see why! With gorgeous, dreamy scenes from the movie and a captivating story, readers will be enchanted by this book and eagerly follow the beautiful pop-up ballerina from page to page. 

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Book and Mega Model 
By Star Wars 
October 2, 2018 
Studio Fun International 
Source: pub 

Join Han and Chewbacca aboard the fastest bucket of bolts in the galaxy. Packed with amazing puzzles and a Millennium Falcon of your own to build, there are hours of Star Wars fun to be had. Work out complete mazes, code words, and puzzles in the uniquely illustrated, full-color activity book. Then press out the pieces to create your very own mini Millennium Falcon model, perfect for re-creating famous scenes from the Star Wars saga. The model is made from a sturdy foam core. Press out the pieces to build the Millennium Falcon—with no glue required! When built, the model measures 12" x 12". 

Perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages, this book and model kit is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment. The book is bursting with Star Wars facts, images from the movies, and interactive puzzles, and the sturdy model requires no glue and comes with instructions.  

I Am a Wonder Woman  
By Ellen Bailey 
Portable Press 
Source: pub 

Every page of this book is filled with aspirational and astounding stories about the most influential women to have ever lived. What’s more, readers can step into the lives of these inspirational figures with unique activities, creative questions to answer and captivating topics to give thought to.  

With quirky artwork to bring each story to life, readers can travel the globe and discover remarkable women from across the world, from every kind of profession, with every kind of talent. From American aviator Amelia Earhart and Danish spy Britta Tott, to the Polish physicist and chemist Marie Curie to Mexican activist Eufrosina Cruz. 

I Am a Wonder Woman is a beautiful and spectacular celebration of amazing women through the ages! Overflowing with astonishing facts, captivating information, thoughtful activities, and quirky illustrations, this book is fun, factual, and fascinating. 

Where’s the Architect?:  
From Pyramids to Skyscrapers. An Architecture Look and Find Book 
By Susanne Rebscher 
Illustrated by Annabelle von Sperber 
November 6, 2018 
Prestel Junior 
Source: pub 

This wonderfully illustrated and captivating introduction to the wonders of architecture will have young readers poring over each spread and learning as they go. 

From the top of China’s Great Wall to the base of the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, this journey through the world of architecture stops in nearly every continent and travels through centuries. Annabelle von Sperber populates her dynamic and intricate double-page spreads with many details and a hidden architect or important figure on every page that kids will have fun trying to locate. Along the way they’ll learn about the iron workers who built the Empire State building, how many bulbs it takes to light the Eiffel Tower, where the royal jewels are kept at the Tower of London, and why there is so much red and yellow in Beijing’s Forbidden City. Young readers will find themselves fully immersed in this large format book while learning about the incredible architectural wonders that continue to amaze us today. 

Where’s The Architect? takes young readers on a mesmerizing architectural journey through time and across the globe. Each gorgeously and intricately illustrated page will captivate readers as they study each spread to find hidden treasures, while the fascinating facts they learn will engage and inspire 

Hello Lilac- Good Morning, Yellow! 
By Judith Drews 
November 6, 2018 
Prestel Junior 
Source: pub 

This charming introduction to the world of color and a child’s first words is brimming with bright, playfully inviting illustrations of everyday objects. 

Introducing children to colors and in the process expanding their vocabulary, this book will delight young readers, who will recognize the myriad of things that make their world colorful. A sunny morning introduces the color yellow and leads young readers to a light bulb, a fuzzy baby chick, a lemon, and a friendly lion. A snowman, a sheep, an egg, and a soccer ball reveal that white has endless variations. Green takes readers outside to look at a leaf, a frog, and a caterpillar while a brown bear is surrounded by a wooden spoon, a basket, a girl’s braid, and a broom. Gorgeously illustrated, this engaging book is sure to capture a child’s imagination and is perfect for young ones to read with their parents 

Hello Lilac- Good Morning Yellow, is a dazzlingly and delightfully darling way to introduce colors and many first words to little readers. Each page whimsically pops with a specific color and fun illustrations of things that come in that color. Little readers will have a blast pointing out familiar objects. This is sure to be a bedtime hit that will inspire big imaginations! 

No Boring Stories 
By Julie Falatko 
Illustrated by Charles Santoso 
November 6, 2018 
Source: pub 

A group of odd animals is annoyed when a bunny tries to infiltrate their writing group. What could she possibly offer to their group? Surely she only wants to write about sharing and mommies and cuddling!  

A story about finding your people and following your heart, even if your heart is telling you to write about evil attacking grapes from outer space. 

This quirky and laugh-out-loud picture book is a wildly amusing and surprisingly sweet celebration of using your imagination, embracing your oddness, and unexpected friendships. Little readers will delight in the engaging, over-the-top storylines and the fun, lively illustrations.

*Disclaimer: I received copies of the titles above for review/feature purposes. All thoughts, opinions, and reviews are my own.

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