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Friday, August 3, 2018

Go To Sleep, Little Creep Blog Tour

Go To Sleep, Little Creep 
By David Quinn 
Illustrated by Ashley Spires 
July 24, 2018 
Crown BFYR 
Source: from pub 

A rhyming picture book with humor and heart that’s a wonderful bedtime addition for the “little monster” in your life. Includes illustrations from bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires of The Most Magnificent Thing. 

Even monsters have to go to sleep. But before little trolls turn out the light and werewolves settle in to dream, there’s fur to be brushed, pajamas to find, and moons that need howling. So grab your cuddly critter and snuggle in for this new bedtime tradition. 

Debut storyteller David B. Quinn teams up with bestselling author/illustrator Ashley Spires to create a wondrously funny and supremely sweet picture book sure to charm little creeps who aren’t quite ready to fall asleep. 

The moon is setting, the sun is rising and it's time for little creeps everywhere to go to sleep...but like any little kid, little creeps want just one more story, one more cookie, and one more cuddle. 

Go To Sleep, Little Creep is deliciously charming, ridiculously cute, and sugary sweet! Through clever and lyrical rhymes, David Quinn spins an imaginative bedtime tale that will delight and amuse little readers with its silly humor and wondrous surprises. From furry werewolves, wrapped up tight mummies, flying vampires, and more, little readers will love all the adorable and endearing little monsters they meet. 

Quinn's superb text is accompanied by Ashley Spires' fangtastic and spooktacular illustrations. Lively, engaging, and so full of heart, these illustrations perfectly capture the story. 

Little ones and parents alike will be charmed and captivated by this fun bedtime treat! 

5/5 Cupcakes

David Quinn is a broadly published writer who has created intellectual property for comics, movies, Off-Off Broadway and corporate branded media. He’s also the instigator of the Not For Children Children’s Books and the zombie alt-music band The Romeros. David, wife Diane and daughter Olivia love living in Sleepy Hollow Country, where it’s almost always Halloween. 

Author and illustrator Ashley Spires grew up in Tsawwassen, BC and after stints living in Toronto and Saskatoon, she now lives in Ladner, having made an educated decision to never move from BC again. She is the creator of the Binky The Space Cat series of junior graphic novels and the bestselling The Most Magnificent Thing, soon to be an animated short film.  When not drawing, she is often jogging with her dog Gordon, cuddling her three cats, Penny, Fran and Mina or wrangling litters of foster kittens that regularly take over her studio and walk on her keybohjkhdsajk 

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