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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Back To School Reads!

I'm here today to share a great list of new and upcoming books that make perfect back to school reads!

Absolute Expert Series from National Geographic Kids 

Absolute Expert: Soccer by Eric Zweig and featuring in-the-field expert Mark Geiger, a Major League Soccer and Olympic referee (and one of only two U.S. referees officiating at this year's World Cup) — Covering sports history, the latest gear, facts about little-known regulations, high profile athletes and so much more, this title has it all.  Professional ref Mark Geiger shares his personal stories of what it’s like working the Olympic games and the World Cup, how to train to be a professional referee and the importance of good sportsmanship.  Throughout this year’s World Cup, Mark has had to pull the yellow and red card quite a bit — and his explanation of how and when he uses them is fantastic.  Fresh off the World Cup and heading into soccer season, this title is extremely timely.  

 Absolute Expert: Dolphins by Jennifer Swanson and featuring in-the-field expert Justine Jackson-Ricketts, a National Geographic Explorer and marine biologist  — Comprehensive coverage of all things dolphin, including all the different species, a nose-to-tail look at these amazing mammals, their habitat and behavior, how to study them, career opportunities in the field, and the importance of conservation efforts.  Justine, who studies rare Irrawaddy dolphins in the Gulf of Thailand, acts your guide as she shares with the reader the work she is doing to save this species of dolphins whose numbers are dwindling.  
Absolute Expert: Volcanoes by Lela Nargi and featuring in-the-field expert Arianna Soldati, a National Geographic Explorer and Volcanologist — The ongoing eruption of Kilauea has brought volcanoes —  the science behind them, their combustible beauty and the massive damage they cause — back into the headlines.  This timely title contains the latest information on all types of volcanoes around the world, which ones are in danger of erupting and what it takes to get up close to study the science behind the eruptions. Arianna has done field work all over the globe and acts as the reader’s guide to these combustible natural wonders.   

 Absolute Expert: Dinosaurs by Lela Nargi and featuring in-the-field expert Dr. Steve Brusatte, a National Geographic Explorer and Paleontologist - Dr. Brusatte has named more than 15 new species, traveled the world searching for dinos and is particularly interested in the origin and evolution of dinosaurs.  Throughout this book Steve shares his stories, adventures, discoveries and insights about his life as a paleontologist and the amazing dinosaurs that he studies.  Every page contains rich details and drills down into all aspects of dinosaurs —  different species, how they evolved, their behaviors, fossil science and so much more.  

National Geographic Kids' Absolute Expert Series is a super fun and educational series that aims to educate, engage, and entertain! Each book in this series is full of captivating information from real life experts, awesome photos and illustrations, and plenty of imagination fuel for young readers. My niece and I had a lot of fun reading through each of the four books above and we learned so much!

Out of the Bottle 
(DC Super Hero Girls Graphic Novels) 
August 2018 
DC Comics 

Harley Quinn is center stage in the newest volume of the DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel series, DC SUPER HERO GIRLS VOL. 5: OUT OF THE BOTTLE! 

For an assignment in Ms. June Moone’s art class, the girls are working on their very own comic books. The character-created comic pages give us a glimpse into each girl’s personality. But Harley isn’t satisfied with her comics creation and thinks a little of Ms. Moone’s special paint will really help her drawings come to life! The problem? Harley’s drawings literally come to life!  

I'm a huge fan of the DC Super Hero Girls and was really excited to jump into the graphic novel series starring these fierce girls and what an awesome series it is! Featuring an exciting and fun story full of humor, thrills, and action, and epic illustrations, Out Of The Bottle was amusing and entertaining from start to finish. Young fans of the DC Super Hero High book and tv series will absolutely love this comics series.

Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts) 
By Livingstone Crouse 
Illustrated by Steve Brown 
August 7, 2018 
Silver Dolphin Books 

Go on a school-time adventure with Eppie, the elephant who is allergic to peanuts! 

It’s the first day of school for Eppie the elephant, and she’s a bit nervous about one thing: that her new classmates won’t understand her allergy to nuts. Like many kids today, this fun-loving elephant can’t partake in peanuts, pecans, or pistachios and has to be careful about what she eats. Eppie makes fast friends with Allie the alligator and Pearl the squirrel, but when Eppie’s allergy is explained at lunch, will her friends still stand by her side? Readers of all ages will relate to this heartwarming, lyrical story of understanding and acceptance. 

Eppie the Elephant (Who Was Allergic to Peanuts) is a sweet and endearing picture book that explores what it's like to have a serious allergy and conveys a positive message about acceptance and friendship. Little readers will adore Eppie and her friends and enjoy their day-to-day adventures at school, and will find the bright, colorful illustrations amusing.

 The Competition Begins 
(Junior Ninja Champion #1) 
By Catherine Hapka 
June 5, 2018 

For ninja fans everywhere, this action-packed adventure series brings five unlikely friends together to compete in the first-ever Junior Ninja competition.  

Izzy, Ty, Kevin, JJ, and Mackenzie don't have a lot in common. But they have all seen the reality TV obstacle competition National Ninja Champion. 

When news breaks that there's going to be a kids' version of the show—and tryouts are just a few miles away—all five find themselves drawn to the obstacle course at Fit Kidz Gym. Before they know it, they've become a team—training together and helping one another overcome all kinds of obstacles as they compete for the title of Junior Ninja Champion. With lots of heart and edge-of-your-seat excitement, Junior Ninja Champion packs in the action of the competition along with all the ups and downs on the journey to making it. 

Who will secure a spot in the finals, and who will be named Junior Ninja Champion? 

Look for the sequel coming in January 2019! 

The Competition Begins is the first book in the exciting and addictive Junior Ninja Champion series. Readers will eagerly turn pages as they join the relatable young characters on their inspiring journey to be a Junior Ninja Champion, from training to trials and beyond. Hapka explores important themes such as friendship, hard work, dedication, and physical fitness throughout the book. Young readers will surely fly through this book and eagerly anticipate the sequel.

(Survivor Diaries) 
By Terry Lynn Johnson 
January 2, 2018 

A high-stakes adventure series perfect for fans of the I Survived series and Hatchet. Twelve-year-old twins Ashley and Ryan are skiing with their parents in Wyoming's Grand Teton Mountains where there is a ground-shaking rumble. Unstable snow rushes downhill and buries them in icy white. It will take all of their knowledge and grit to survive. 

With seventeen years of hands-on experience and training in remote areas, survival expert Terry Lynn Johnson (Ice Dogs; Sled Dog School) creates on-the-edge-of-your-seat storytelling featuring the real skills that kids need to survive a disaster. This page-turner with illustrations includes survival tips from the National Avalanche Center and U.S. Forest Service. You could have a better chance of surviving a real-life avalanche after reading this book! 

Stay calm. Stay smart. Survive.  

Terry Lynn Johnson's Survivor Diaries series is a thrilling and addictive series that aims to teach real life survivor skills through action-packed adventure.  Avalanche! had me hooked from page one and I really enjoyed Ashley and Ryan's harrowing and inspiring tale.  

Path To the Stars: My Journey from Girl Scout to Rocket Scientist 
By Sylvia Acevedo 
September 4, 2018 

The inspiring memoir for young readers about a Latina rocket scientist whose early life was transformed by joining the Girl Scouts and who currently serves as CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA. 

A meningitis outbreak in their underprivileged neighborhood left Sylvia Acevedo’s family forever altered. As she struggled in the aftermath of loss, young Sylvia’s life transformed when she joined the Brownies. The Girl Scouts taught her how to take control of her world and nourished her love of numbers and science. 

With new confidence, Sylvia navigated shifting cultural expectations at school and at home, forging her own trail to become one of the first Latinx to graduate with a master's in engineering from Stanford University and going on to become a rocket scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

Simultaneously available in Spanish! 

Disclaimer: I received copies of each of the books above for review/feature purposes.

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