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Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Fun Reads To Check Out This Summer

I have another awesome list of books perfect for summer reading for kids...

The Ultimate Book of Sharks 
By Brian Skerry 
May 15, 2018 
National Geographic Society 
Source: from pub for review 

Dive into the wild world of sharks! Get up close to learn the truth behind these fantastic, ferocious fish with famed National Geographic photographer and explorer Brian Skerry. 

Join this amazing underwater adventure to track the sharks of the world, from the teeniest dogfish to the ever feared great white. This ultimate book features every species of shark on the planet, with awesome photos, fascinating facts, the latest science, and firsthand stories of real-life encounters with these incredible creatures. Learn how sharks live, how they eat, the challenges they face, and whether or not you are actually on the menu! 

Brian Skerry’s photography and in-the-field research are in a league of their own.  In 2017 he was awarded the Nikon National Geographic Explorer of the Year and his work has appeared in the New York Times, Smithsonian, National Geographic Magazine and the Washington Post, among others. Perry's photography is featured in solo exhibits around the world and he is also the Explorer-In-Residence and Trustee at the New England Aquarium.  His extreme talent photographing marine wildlife and underwater environments is showcased on every page of The Ultimate Book of Sharks, creating a comprehensive, eye-popping and entertaining first-hand look at all things shark, including: 
* Long days at the beach are finally here!  Find out if YOU really are on the menu! 
* Shark Safety 101  
* Gripping stories from Brian about his shark encounters  
* What kids can do to help with shark conservation and unlikely allies in the cause like Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation  
* Shark superlatives! Which sharks have the strongest bite, are the most social, have the best camo, are the most petite predator?? 
* Shark myths busted — sharks are social, smart and picky eaters! 
* Tips for finding shark fossils — tooth hunting tips 

I'm CRAZY about sharks! I think they're the coolest, most awesome animals on the planet and The Ultimate Book of Sharks does an excellent job of explaining why. This fintastic and fascinating books is overflowing with captivating shark facts, spectacular photographs, and truly engaging information. Young readers will have a blast diving into the world sharks and learning all about these gorgeous creatures. Perfect for shark lovers, and even those who are afraid of sharks will gain a new appreciation for them after to devouring this thrilling book!

Principal Mikey 
By Derek Taylor Kent 
Illustrated by Paul Louis Smith 
May 15, 2018 
Whimsical World Enterprises 
Source: from author for review 

A hilarious S.T.E.A.M. chapter book for fans of Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries, this heartwarming story is perfect for any 7-12 year old. Mikey McKenzie is an expert at using the scientific method to solve problems in his neighborhood and school. The only problem he can't solve is that he's just 10-year-old and nobody takes any of his ideas seriously. But everything changes when the kooky Principal Walker appoints him as the new school principal when she gets called away, much to the chagrin of the stern Vice Principal Sherman. It's a dream come true for Mikey to finally have the power to implement all his great ideas to improve the school. However, when the power goes to his head, the new job strains his relationships with his best friend and his sister he looks up to. On top of that, the district is threatening to close the underperforming school unless they ace the new standardized test. By the end, he'll have to think outside the box to find solutions that will save the school and his most valued relationships. S.T.E.A.M. concepts: problem-solving, scientific method, educational technology, health/medicine, and socio-emotion.  

Mikey is a smart kid filled with great ideas and, when his principal must leave for a few weeks and puts Mikey in charge of the school, he gets the chance to make his school a better place...but he discovers that it isn't so easy peasy. 

Derek Taylor Kent's Principal Mikey is a laugh-out-loud romp that celebrates problem solving and the scientific method, while offering a positive message about friendship, working hard, and being kind. Young readers will get a kick out of Mikey's sometimes misadventures as principal, but will also be encouraged and inspired by his good ideas to improve his school. A fun, engaging story for the younger middle-grade audience.

 Life According to Og the Frog 
By Betty G. Birney 
July 3, 2018 
G.P. Putnam's Sons BFYR 
Source: from pub 

The adventures in Humphrey's Room 26 are hopping back into the spotlight, from the perspective of Og the Frog! 

When Og the Frog first comes to Room 26, he doesn't know what to think. He misses his friends from the pond, there are all kinds of strange noises, and the water is his tank just might be too clean (you know, a little muck never hurt anyone). But the furry, squeaky fellow living next to him is endlessly entertaining, the kids sure are friendly, and--BING, BANG, BOING!--they put big fat crickets right into his tank. 

All of this gives Og lots of ideas for one of his favorite passtimes--making up poems and songs. But he gets stumped when talk turns to sending him back to the pond. Will he have to say good-bye to Tabitha whose whole life just changed like his? Or Mandy who just started seeing the bright side of things with his help? And Humphrey, who he's finally beginning to figure out? 

Fruit Bowl 
By Mark Hoffman 
June 12, 2018 
Knopf BFYR 
Source: from pub 

Who belongs in the fruit bowl? Apples, check. Blueberries, check. Tomato, che– Wait, what?! Tomato wants to join the other fruits, but does he belong? The perfect mix of botany and a bunch of bananas! 

All the fruit are in the bowl. There’s Apple and Orange. Strawberry and Peach. Plum and Pear. And, of course, Tomato. 

Now wait just a minute! Tomatoes aren’t fruit! Or are they? 

Using sly science (and some wisdom from a wise old raisin), Tomato proves all the fruit wrong and shows that he belongs in the bowl just as much as the next blueberry! And he’s bringing some unexpected friends too! 

Big Box Little Box 
BCaryl Hart 
Illustrated by Edward Underwood 
July 24, 2018 
Bloomsbury Children's Books 
Source: arc from pub 

Big box, little box  
Shoe box, hat box . . . 
Perfect for a cat box! 

Join one cool cat and lots of fun boxes in this charming take on curiosity and friendship. 

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