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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Golf Packages For Austin Golf Enthusiasts (#SponsoredPost)

Golf Packages For Austin Golf Enthusiasts  
Austin is a fast-growing community with many attractions for both long-term residents and visitors alike. Austin is the home of some of the most beautiful and well-designed golf courses in the United States. Those in the Austin area, and those planning a visit to the city, will benefit from using the services of VIP Golf Austin.  

 VIP Golf Austin has agreements with many of the major golf courses within the Austin area. Those who use the services of VIP Golf Austin can obtain premier tee times, and they can play a round at certain golf courses at a discounted price. Some of the golf courses offering discount packages through VIP Golf Austin are Teravista Golf Club and Avery Ranch. 

 In addition to discounts at the individual golf clubs, VIP Golf Austin has arrangements with some of the best hotels in the Austin area. Those coming to play golf in Austin can get a discounted rate. In addition to this, VIP Austin can arrange transportation to and from the hotels to the golf courses that people want to play the most.  
 Some of the most attractive golf packages that VIP Golf Austin offers are associated with the Teravista and Avery Ranch courses. These are two premier golf courses within the Austin area.  

 The Avery Ranch Golf Club is located at 10500 Avery Club Drive. This course has received high praise from experts in the golfing world. Golf Digest has stated that the Avery Ranch Golf Club is one of the best places to play a round in the entire Austin area.  

 The Avery Ranch Golf Club was designed by a golf course architect who at one time was employed by Jack Nicklaus. The course is noted for the 18th hole which Avid Golfer said was the best finishing hole in Central Texas.  

 Teravista Golf Club is the sister club of Avery Ranch. Should someone wish to become a member of one of these clubs, he will automatically receive a membership in the other club.  

 Teravista Golf Club is located at 4333 Teravist Club Drive in the nearby town of Round Rock. The course at this club is noted for being a good course for beginners to the game to play on.  

 VIP Golf Austin offers three different golf packages that allow play on both of these golf courses. The first level package is called the "Bachelor's Package". This package includes both the green fee and the cart fee. Range balls, a lunch and two drink tickets are included for a price starting at $50 for each player. At this level, players will play on the course of their choice.  

 At the next level is the "Double Play" package. With this package, golfers may play both courses. Play may be on the same day, or golfers may play one course on one day and then the next course the next day. In this golf package, green fees, cart fees and range balls are included at a price starting at $55.  

 The third of the golf packages offered by VIP Golf Austin is the "Hole in One Package". With a starting price of $110 per player, green and cart fees are included. In addition, the player receives range balls, a set of rental clubs, two drink tickets and a meal at the dinner buffet when the round is done.  
 These golf packages offered by VIP Austin allow golfers to experience the fun and challenge of playing two of Austin's finest golf courses. Teravista and Avery Ranch are great courses waiting for golfers. 

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