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Friday, July 21, 2017

Picture Book Reviews + win Found Dogs by Erica Sirotich (giveaway)

I have three wonderful picture books from Penguin Random House to share with y'all today! Plus, there's a giveaway...

Here Comes Teacher Cat
By Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by Claudia Rueda
August 8, 2017
Dial Books

It's back to school for the New York Times bestselling Cat when he steps in as a substitute teacher.

Cat is not pleased to be tapped as substitute teacher. Not only is it cutting into his naptime, but a roomful of kittens is a little, well, scary. At school, he's faced with six adorable kittens and follows the lesson plan of music, building, and painting--only in pure, mischief-making Cat style. By the end, Cat has learned a thing or two about inspiring others by being himself. But even more heart-melting and humorous is what the kittens have learned from Cat.

Deborah Underwood returns to her adorable and hilarious picture book series about Cat, with Here Comes Teacher Cat. Cat finds himself playing the role of substitute teacher for a classroom full of kittens...and really, he'd rather be napping. But soon Cat finds that even though being a teacher is hard work, it's also kind of fun!

With her signature sparse, yet pitch-perfect text, Underwood will charm and entertain little readers with silly, giggle-inducing humor and antics. Readers will love joining Cat and his kitty students as they play music, build, and create unforgettable art. And Rueda's engaging illustrations, with their soft and whimsical palette, and lively depictions, make for the perfect companion to Underwood's text.

Lexie the Word Wrangler
By Rebecca Van Slyke
Illustrated by Jessie Hartland
April 4, 2017
Nancy Paulsen Books

Lexie is the best wrangler west of the Mississippi, word wrangler, that is. She watches over baby letters while they grow into words and ties shorter words together into longer ones; she herds words into sentences, hitches sentences together, and pens them all in to tell a story. But lately, something seems off at the ranch. First the "d" goes missing from her "bandana," leaving her with a "banana" to tie around her neck, and soon afterward every "S-T-A-R" in the sky turns into "R-A-T-S." There's no doubt about it there's a word rustler causing this ruckus, and Lexie plans to track him down.

In Rebecca Van Slyke's Lexie the Word Wrangler, cowgirl Lexie is the best word wrangler around, but when someone starts messing with her words, she must make sure justice is done!

Lexie the Word Wrangler is a clever and witty tale that encourages little readers to explore the world of letters, words, and reading. With endearing, fun cowgirl and cowboy "talk", a creative and imaginative plot, a precocious and lovable heroine, and Hartland's childlike and sweet illustrations, Lexie the Word Wrangler is sure to entertain and educate eager little readers!

Found Dogs
By Erica Sirotich
July 18, 2017

For fans of Sandra Boynton’s Doggies and a perfect fit for every preschooler’s library, this adorable rhyming and counting book tallies up all the dogs at the shelter, and then counts backward as the pups are adopted.

Babies and toddlers will delight in counting up each wriggly, wraggly rescue pup and then counting back down as each doggie is adopted. A bright, bouncy rhyme, jubilant art, and scads of adorable dogs will have wee ones giggling for more.

These patient pound dogs.
Now they’re family!
Found dogs.

Erica Sirotich's Found Dogs is a joyful, brightly illustrated picture book that celebrates doggies of all kinds and encourages little ones to practice their counting. Readers will count from one to ten, as each adorable pupper is accounted for, then will count down from ten to one, as each of those eager puppers is adopted and becomes found dogs.

Sirotich's rhyming text flows in a wonderfully whimsical and charming way that will delight little readers (and grown-ups!) and have them smiling big. Little ones will love counting each and every cute, sweet doggie and rejoice when each dog finds his forever family. Sirotich pairs her text with colorful, happy, and captivating illustrations. Joyful, bright, and irresistible Found Dogs is sure to be a favorite of little readers!

Win a copy of Found Dogs!
Thanks to the generous folks at Penguin Random House, I have one copy of this fun picture book for one winner.
-US only
-ends 7/28/17
-winner will be emailed and must claim prize within 48 hours
-word spelunking is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen prizes in the mail

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Danielle H. said...

This book sounds heartwarming as well as fun to read. I'm a dog person who has also owned cats, hamsters, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, aquatic frogs (saved from death after classroom use), gerbils...I always prefer to adopt when possible. I will love this book!

Gina said...

All three look ridiculously wonderful! I mean, the first has cats and teachers, the second a words lovers round up, and the third, DOGS! I'd say it looks like a visual feast with a bonus of a fun story time. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

Slowsly said...

All three sound great to me.

Carl Scott said...

I'm a dog guy through-&-through so this is just the kind of book I loved as a kid. Who can resist a wagging tail and a big grin? Thanks for the chance to win.

John Smith said...

I saw the "Found Dogs" cover just a week ago and thought it was cute! Thanks for the post about this and other cool books!

Dan Denman said...

I like the title and cover of the book. The story sounds like a book that my grandson will love!