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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Interview and Giveaway: Janet McLaughlin, author of the YAlit Fireworks

Fireworks by Janet McLaughlin
Dreams aren’t real. Psychic teen Zoey Christopher knows the difference between dreams and visions better than anyone, but ever since she and her best friend returned from spring vacation, Zoey’s dreams have been warning her that Becca is in danger. But a dream isn’t a vision—right?
Besides, Zoey has other things to worry about, like the new, cute boy in school. Dan obviously has something to hide, and he won’t leave Zoey alone—even when it causes major problems with Josh, Zoey’s boyfriend. Is it possible he knows her secret?
Then, one night, Becca doesn’t answer any of Zoey’s texts or calls. She doesn’t answer the next morning either. When Zoey’s worst fears come true, her only choice is to turn to Dan, whom she discovers has a gift different from her own but just as powerful. Is it fate? Will using their gifts together help them save Becca or will the darkness win?

Discover what’s real and what’s just a dream in “Fireworks,” book two of the Soul Sight Mysteries!

Q1. What three words best describe your book, Fireworks?
Exciting romantic mystery.

Q2. Grab a copy of Fireworks and answer the following:
Favorite chapter?
Chapter 28, where Zoey takes courageous action to save her friend but then feels angst over what she has just done.

Favorite page?
The last page. It’s “truly fireworks,” and I guess I’m an incurable romantic at heart.

Favorite setting/place?
The Moretti kitchen where I can almost smell the aroma of Maria’s sauce. I may not like to cook, but I love to eat!

Flip to a random page and give us a 1-2 sentences teaser:
Dan and the bald man are walking across the deck. He has a gun pressed against Dan’s back!

Q3. What inspired your Soul Sight Mysteries series? How did the story come to be?
I love telling this story. My husband and I published several local magazines. As publisher/editor, I was in the position to do any type of interview I wanted. We had a Body/Mind/Spirit section so I sought out several intuitives that lived in the area. (Sarasota, Florida, has a very active spiritual community.) All of the intuitives I interviewed had issues as teens with their gift. Even their families didn’t believe in them. So they would hide it, or fight it, or even “forget” about their gift only, to embrace it later in life. Their stories were the inspiration for my character, Zoey.

Q4. Can you tell us a bit about your heroine, Zoey? What makes her special, and what do you love about her?
Zoey Christopher is the girl I always wanted to be. Imagine having the ability to help people by “seeing” the potential future and doing all you can to stave off danger and save the day. (I say “potential” because our free will means everything on earth is subject to change.) I admire her innate honesty with herself and others, her kindness, and her humility—all things I strive for and so often fall short of accomplishing. But I can do all things through Zoey!

Q5. If you were psychic, like Zoey, what would you use your abilities for?
I sincerely hope I would do as Zoey does and use them for the good of others. She’s the better half of me.

Q6. What’s next for Zoey and the Soul Sight Mysteries?
I’ve just started on the next book in the series, but where would be the mystery if I gave it away here? Let’s just say there’s romance, angst, tragedy, and—of course—resolution in the end, with maybe just a hint of a new problem to come in the future.

Q7. Fill in the blanks:
I’m really awesome at being a loyal friend.
I’m really embarrassed to admit that I’m—here goes—sigh—vain.
The last great book I read was the entire Harry Potter series.

Q8. If you were to create and a bake a cupcake inspired by Fireworks what would it look and taste like, and what would you call it?
Oh no! I’m a horrible cook! Okay, it would be BIG, because I love cupcakes. It would be chocolate with swirls of color in the icing, because fireworks are set off at night (hence the chocolate) and colorful. Someone else would bake it so it would be delicious. I would call it “Dan’s Secret.”

Janet McLaughlin is the author of the Soul Sight Mysteries series, including “Haunted Echo” and “Fireworks.” She has been involved in the communication field most of her adult life as a writer, editor, and teacher. Her love of mysteries and the mystical are evident in her novels. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Florida Writers Association. She lives in Florida with her husband, Tom, and along with writing enjoys playing tennis, walking, traveling, and meeting people.

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