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Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: Princess DisGrace (A Royal Disaster) by Lou Kuenzler

title: Princess DisGrace (A Royal Disaster)
series: #1 in Princess DisGrace Series
author: Lou Kuenzler
release date: June 21, 2016
pub: Random House Kids
format: hardcover
source: from pub for review
Calling all precocious princesses! This series is sure to be a hit with girls who love a big dose of humor and adventure with their princess fix.
Rules for Being a Princess:
1.      Your name must be on the Fairy Godmother’s list.
2.      You must always be elegant and graceful.
3.      A unicorn must choose you.
When Grace arrives at Tall Towers Princess Academy, her name isn’t on the Fairy Godmother’s list of students. She isn’t elegant at all—not even her curtsy is graceful. And all the other girls are sure she’s headed straight back to her tiny, messy kingdom. But one unicorn knows better. He’s clumsy and dirty and the perfect match for Grace! And together they have tons of fun. But the other princesses aren’t convinced Grace belongs at the academy. Can she prove that being a princess is about more than just being perfect?


Grace is not like the other young princesses at Tall Towers Princess Academy. She isn’t graceful, she doesn’t wear fancy clothes or come from a grand, rich kingdom. But she is plucky, brave, and kind. And she’s determined to prove that she’s just as princess-y as all the other little royals. Lucky for Grace, she’s got some great new friends and a quirky new unicorn to help her along the way!

What a fun, charming book! Princess DisGrace: A Royal Disaster, by Lou Kuenzler, is simply delightful and sweet from beginning to end. Kuenzler has crafted a wildly funny and addictively entertaining tale that young readers will just gobble up. Tall Towers Princess Academy, with its grand castle and island grounds, make for an enchanting and exciting setting. Readers will laugh-out-loud at Grace’s misadventures, enjoy her interactions with her new friends and frenemies, and love attending princess classes with her.

Kuenzler offers readers a gaggle of fun, lovable, and engaging characters. Grace is an unforgettable and absolutely irresistible little heroine! There’s such an awesome sense of girl-power throughout Princess DisGrace and Kuenzler does a superb job of showing that there’s no wrong way to be a princess or a girl.

My final thoughts: Princess DisGrace: A Royal Disaster is super cute, tons of fun, and as sparkly as a tiara! I can’t wait to read more books in the series.

4/5 Cupcakes

Lou Kuenzler loves to write stories that make children laugh. She lives in London with her family, a dog, and two cats. Visit her online at

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Slowsly said...

Sounds like a character I can identify with....not graceful or elegant! My kingdom is super messy. I have two dogs instead if the unicorn. Cute idea and sounds interesting.