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Friday, June 10, 2016

Books To Share On Father's Day

Today I'm sharing some great books, from Simon & Schuster, for young readers to share with their dads and other father figures this Father's Day...


I Love Dad
By Joanna Walsh & Judi Abbot
April 12, 2016
Simon & Schuster
Show Dad how much you care with this warm story of parent appreciation from the creators of The Perfect Hug and The Biggest Kiss, which School Library Journal called “a wonderful cuddle-up-and-read choice.”

When the clock ticks around to a bright new day, I know today will be filled with fun things to do with dad.

From his stubbly kisses to his sky-high piggyback rides to his bedtime stories, no one is quite like dad. This charming picture book is a celebration of fathers everywhere!

I Love Dad is a super charming and delightful celebration of daddies and all the super-duper things they do! Little readers will be eager to snuggle up to dad and join the wee dinosaur and his/her larger-than-life father dinosaur as they have ferociously fun adventures. 

With simple, sing-song text and bright, bold colors, I Love Dad is eye-catching, engaging, and giggle-inducing. Perfect for one-on-one cuddle time! My niece really loves this one and we'll be wrapping it up for her daddy for Father's Day :)

Bring Me A Rock!
By Daniel Miyares
June 7, 2016
Simon & Schuster
From the author-illustrator of Pardon Me! and Float comes a funny and fun picture book about a little bug who proves that even the small can be mighty.

When a power-hungry grasshopper king wants a throne to loom over his bug subjects, he summons each of them to “bring me a rock!” One by one, the bugs bring him the biggest rocks they can carry, but one little bug can contribute only a very small pebble. The grasshopper king shuns the little bug. But when his throne is in danger of tipping, that little bug might be the only one who can save him.

With beautiful, bold illustrations and a folk-tale sensibility,Bring Me a Rock! is a classic underdog tale with a humorous twist.

Bring Me A Rock! is a wild little romp through the tough world of bugs, as they must contend with a not-so-nice King Grasshopper who demands rocks. Little ones who love to explore nature with dad will have a blast sharing this fun and funny book with their own big grasshopper.

With sparse, but pitch-perfect text and gorgeous collage like illustrations, each page is a delight to discover. Bring Me A Rock! will have both little readers and dads in giggles.


Waiting For Augusta
By Jessica Lawson
May 10, 2016
Simon & Schuster
With a fresh, funny voice, lots of adventure, and a healthy dose of magic, the author of The Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher and Nooks & Crannies—which School Library Journal called “original, engaging, and funny” in a starred review—comes a profound tale of love, loss, and family.

Eleven-year-old Benjamin Putter has a lump in his throat, and he’s certain it’s a golf ball. He knows it sounds crazy, but everything’s been topsy-turvy since his father died last month. And he doesn’t know how to fix it.

Then, one day, something starts tugging at Ben, telling him to hurry to Augusta, Georgia—home of the most famous golf course in the world.

Ben might be going a little crazy, but escaping Hilltop, Alabama, sounds like a darn good idea. (And just maybe it will make that lump go away.) As he makes his way to Augusta, Ben partners up with a mysterious runaway named Noni, and they embark on a journey full of strange and wonderful surprises—and possibly magic—at every turn.

Waiting For Augusta is an achingly beautiful and poignant novel that explores father-child relationships with age-appropriate honesty and depth. This is the perfect read-aloud novel for older readers to share with dad.

**I received copies of each book from Simon & Schuster for review

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