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Monday, August 18, 2014

Evil Fairies Love Hair Blog Tour {Interview & Giveaway}

I'm so excited to have the Evil Fairies Love Hair Blog Tour stopping by today! Check out my Interview with Mary G. Thompson and enter the Giveaway...

Evil Fairies Love Hair
by Mary G. Thompson
August 5, 2014
Clarion Books

Ali and her middle school classmates are raising flocks of fairies to make their wishes come true. But growing a flock is harder than it sounds: the fairies eat only human hair, and the rules for dealing with them are confusing, misleading, and subject to change. As Ali and her friends struggle to earn their wishes, mistakes are made, spells go awry, and soon Ali is up against hundreds of two-inch-tall imps who have very big plans. Comedy and fantasy intertwine in this lively tale of intrigue, magic, and the power of hair.

What three words best describe Evil Fairies Love Hair?

Funny. Unique. Magical.

Can you give us your best one sentence pitch to convince readers, especially reluctant readers, to give Evil Fairies Love Hair a try?

It’s about funny magical creatures and kids who know better than adults.

Grab a copy of Evil Fairies Love Hair and answer the following:
favorite chapter?

Maybe Chapter 27. That’s where all the teachers look silly.

favorite page?

Page 226 has my favorite illustration. Remove their wigs!

favorite setting or place?

The hair salon, aka “The Kingdome.”

flip to a random page and give us a 1-2 sentence teaser:

…Make sure you do not get any hair stuck to your fingers. Remember, your fairies will be ravenous. Do not let the fairies near your own hair! The directions ended there.

What inspired Evil Fairies Love Hair? How did the story come to be?

I was taking a class at The New School at the time where we did writing exercises. I guess my brain was still going when I was on the subway home, because the title Evil Fairies Love Hair popped into my head. I started writing the first chapter, and after that, the story came from what made me laugh.

Can you tell us a bit about your heroine, Ali? What makes her special or different? Do you have a favorite human and/or fairie character in Evil Fairies Love Hair?

Ali is a smart girl who wants to get good grades and have her parents realize how smart she is, but she doesn’t want to work for it—so she hopes she can just get her wish through magic! Fortunately, she’s also brave and loyal, so she soon realizes that some things are worth working for. She’s not going to let the fairies get away with all their nonsense! Apart from Ali, my favorite character is probably Pilose, one of Ali’s fairies. She is complex because she’s part of the fairy plan, but she’s not so sure about the whole thing.

The fairies in Evil Fairies Love Hair obviously eat hair (eww!), but to them it smells and tastes like delicious things...if you were a fairie, what delicious things would your hairy snacks smell and taste like?

Gummy bears. Chocolate. Mom’s cooking!

The kids in Evil Fairies Love Hair grow flocks of fairies in order to get a wish...wishes that have certain rules, of course...within the guidelines of these rules, what would YOU wish for?

Just like Ali, I’d wish to be smarter. If you’re smart, you can think up a way to get all your other wishes.

Your fairies are quite different from other famous fairies and pixies, but who/what are your top three favorite famous fairies and/or types of fairies?

I honestly can’t think of any. I’m not really up to speed on my fairy lore!

As a middle-grade author why do you think MG lit is so important and popular? Who are your all time fave middle-grade hero and heroine?

In the words of L. Frank Baum in his introduction to The Magical Monarch of Mo, “This book has been written for children. I have no shame in acknowledging that I, who wrote it, am also a child; for since I can remember my eyes have always grown big at tales of the marvelous, and my heart is still accustomed to go pit-a-pat when I read of impossible adventures. It is the nature of children to scorn realities, which crowd into their lives all too quickly with advancing years. Childhood is the time for fables, for dreams, for joy.”

Dorothy is my all time favorite middle grade heroine!

Fill in the blanks:
I’m really awesome at Um … writing… maybe?

I’m really embarrassed to admit I could never be the hero in a fantasy adventure. I’m not brave enough. I’d just run.

The last great book I read was The Gustav Gloom series. It’s perfect middle grade humor/horror!

If you were to create and bake a cupcake inspired by Evil Fairies Love Hair, what would it look and taste like, and what would you call it?

Chocolate with gummy bears on top. And I guess stripes of icing that look like hair? Icing in the shape of a pony tail? The Sweet Hairy Magic Cupcake!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, Mary!

Mary G. Thompson was born and raised in Cottage Grove and Eugene, Oregon. She was a practicing attorney for more than seven years, including almost five years in the U.S. Navy, before she moved to New York City to write full time. This is her third novel. Visit her website at

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Robert D. said...

I have never read a story about fairies before. Sounds interesting!

Sherry Butcher said...

Sweet cupcake for evil fairies? Why not sour apples? What's next on your to do list?

Molly Mortensen said...

This book sounds so imaginative! Thanks for the giveaway.