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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Last Kiss Blog Tour {Top Ten List}

I'm stoked to have the My Last Kiss Blog Tour stopping by today with part one of a super fun Top Ten List from author 
Bethany Neal...

My Last Kiss
by Bethany Neal
June 10, 2014

What if your last kiss was with the wrong boy? 

Cassidy Haines remembers her first kiss vividly. It was on the old covered bridge the summer before her freshman year with her boyfriend of three years, Ethan Keys. But her last kiss--the one she shared with someone at her seventeenth birthday party the night she died--is a blur. Cassidy is trapped in the living world, not only mourning the loss of her human body, but left with the grim suspicion that her untimely death wasn't a suicide as everyone assumes. She can't remember anything from the weeks leading up to her birthday and she's worried that she may have betrayed her boyfriend. 

If Cassidy is to uncover the truth about that fateful night and make amends with the only boy she'll ever love, she must face her past and all the decisions she made--good and bad--that led to her last kiss.

Bethany Neal's suspenseful debut novel is about the power of first love and the haunting lies that threaten to tear it apart.

Top 10 Kisses: Part One 
(numbers 10-6)

WARNING: This list is not only jam packed with Grade A smoochable crush-candy, it is also riddled with spoilers(!). So, I reference the book/movie/show name before I dish on the juicy details in case you choose to save yourself for the real, er, fictional thing.

  1. Hold Still by Nina LaCour (pg 119): The out-of-nowhere shirtless kiss with Taylor. It’s just so perfectly awkward and a little desperate and cathartic. It’s a metaphor for adolescents really.

  1. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver: Kent kisses Sam in the car. I literally waited 413 pages for this precise moment. Forget will she live or die in the end. When do they kiss already?! The moment is so magically bittersweet. Oh, Kent. Le sigh.

  1. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (Monster chapter): Jacob kisses Bella on cliff top before battle. Call me a traitor to my kind, but I prefer the on-screen kiss to the on-page one. Mad props to director David Slade for getting a writer to prefer the movie version!

  1. Cruel Intentions (1999): The “Well, I’m in love” kiss at the top of the escalator with that Counting Crows ‘Colorblind’ song play. Man, oh, man. Is it getting hot in here? There are probably a lot of you who haven’t seen this movie, but I strongly urge everyone to rent it for several list-worthy kisses and tingly moments. Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Reese Witherspoon are at their 90s best!

  1. William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet  (1996 version with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes): Romeo and Juliet’s second kiss in the elevator. “Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.” And again and again, please.

Want to read the other half of my top 10? Hint: There’s a vampire (but probably not the one you expect) and Ryan Gosling makes an appearance. I know, I’m such a tease. Head over to Reading Teen blog right now to see what number one is!

Bethany Neal writes YA novels with a little dark side and a lot of kissing from her Ann Arbor, Michigan home. The things she is obsessed with include, but are not limited to: nail polish, ginormous rings, pigs, dream analysis, memorizing song lyrics, pickles, dessert, predestined love, not growing up, sour gummy candies, music videos, Halloween, and fictional boys who play guitar.

MY LAST KISS is her first novel. Connect with her online and follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter @BethDazzled.

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