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Thursday, January 2, 2014

3rd Annual March MG Madness Sign-Ups!

That's right, cupcakes, it's a new year which means the 3rd Annual March MG Madness is just around the corner! 

If you're new to Word Spelunking (or need a refresher): 

WHAT IS THE MARCH MG MADNESS: the March MG Madness is a month long celebration of all things Middle-Grade! A month filled with MG reviews, MG author interviews and guest posts, and giveaways galore! The first and second years of this event were AHH-mazing (click on links to learn more) and I'm hoping this year's event will be even BIGGER and BETTER!

WHY DO I DO THE MARCH MG MADNESS: simple, because I LOVE middle-grade! Some of the best written books are considered MG, yet they often get overlooked or dismissed because they're considered "kids' books"...So. Not. Fair! I hope with these events I can help show the world that MG books and authors are awesome and deserve attention, and I hope to introduce readers to some fantabulous books!

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: any MG author who has had a middle-grade book released in the last 2 years or will have a middle-grade book release in the next year! And YES, indie/self-published authors are welcome!!

HOW DOES THIS EVENT WORK: this event isn't possible without the help and participation of awesome authors and pubs, who can sign up below! This event is a chance for authors and pubs to promote and share their MG titles with thousands of readers!

Sign-Ups will be open until Jan. 15 at 11:59 pm ET! 
If you sign-up, you will hear from me by Feb. 3rd (but probably sooner!). To sign-up click the link below and fill out the form:


If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me at:

This is such a fun, fantastic event every year and I cannot wait to work with you!!!

(Readers, if you know of any authors who may be interested in participating in this event, please pass along the link to this post! I'll love ya forever for it!)


Brenda said...

I'm gonna retweet this it looks like it could be loads of fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Was just talking to Terry Lynn Johnson and found out about your Middle Grade March madness. I am taking over from Jill @ the Owl who did March of the Middle Grade up until last year. Will be sure to link to your blog and yay for all of us celebrating Middle Grade in March