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Monday, July 15, 2013

TMI Blog Tour {Guest Post}

I'm excited to have the TMI Blog Tour stopping by today! Below you'll find more about this YA book and a guest post from author, Patty Blount. And come back August 22nd when this blog stops here again with my review of TMI...

by Patty Blount

Best friends don’t lie.
Best friends don’t ditch you for a guy.
Best friends don’t post your deepest, darkest secrets online.

Bailey’s falling head-over-high-heels for Ryder West, a mysterious gamer she met online. A guy she’s never met in person. Her best friend, Meg, doesn’t trust smooth-talking Ryder. He’s just a picture-less profile.

When Bailey starts blowing Meg off to spend more virtual quality time with her new crush, Meg decides it’s time to prove Ryder’s a phony.

But one stupid little secret posted online turns into a friendship-destroying feud to answer the question:

Who is Ryder West?


Is TMI A Book About A Message Or A Book With A Message?
by Patty Blount
Wow, this is a tough question to answer. I think every book has a message of some sort, even if it’s subtle and even if it appears to have a big obvious message on the surface. Take Harry Potter for example. When I first heard people wanted to ban it for satanic themes, I laughed. They couldn’t be further from the truth. The message in these books is religious and always has been. Beyond the Good triumphs over Evil plot, it’s clear that Harry was a savior, a Christ-like figure in the wizarding world – he had to sacrifice himself in order to save it. Some of the sub-plots read like bible parables. So I suppose it means that people see the messages they want to see.
When I decided to write SEND, I could have written a non-fiction book about The Message, which is bullying, but instead, I chose to tell what I hope is an intense and gripping story about someone who made a mistake. What would it take to forgive such a person? Could you, in fact, ever forgive him? This is why I chose to end SEND as I did – so that readers could fill in what should happen next.
In TMI, The Message is be careful how much you divulge online. To be honest, the risks of posting too much information could have filled a blog post. But I wanted to write a compelling story. TMI is about friendship – how it forms, how it endures, how it flexes and stretches and snaps or even morphs into something else.
In my novels, if people want to look no deeper than the surface to see a message, it’s this: Don’t let this happen to you. But if they want to dive a little deeper, they’ll find questions like What if this did happen to me? How would I fix it? How would I live with it? How would I overcome it? My stories provide one potential answer to those questions.
Patty Blount
Technical writer by day, fiction writer by night, Patty mines her day job for ideas to use in her novels. Her debut YA "Send" was born after a manager suggested she research social networks. Patty adores chocolate, her boys, and books, though not necessarily in that order.

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