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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Waiting On" Wednesday (35): Let The Sky Fall

"Waiting On" Wednesday... is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week I'm excitedly waiting on....

Vane Weston should have died in the category five tornado that killed his parents. Instead, he woke up in a pile of rubble with no memories of his past—except one: a beautiful, dark-haired girl standing in the winds. She's swept through his dreams ever since, and he clings to the hope that she's real.
Audra is real, but she isn't human. She's a sylph, an air elemental who can walk on the wind, translate its alluring songs, even twist it into a weapon. She's also a guardian—Vane’s guardian—and has sworn an oath to protect him at all costs. 
When a hasty mistake reveals their location to the enemy who murdered both of their families, Audra has just days to help Vane unlock his memories. And as the storm winds gather, they start to realize the greatest danger might not be the warriors coming to destroy them, but the forbidden romance growing between them. 
Set amongst the desert airstreams of Coachella Valley in California, LET THE SKY FALL is about two teenagers broken by their pasts, divided by their futures, and bound by love.
Let The Sky Fall
(Let the Sky Fall #1)
Shannon Messenger
Simon Pulse
Let the Sky Fall

I'm really excited for this upcoming book. I love the premise; the whole air elemental thang sounds refreshing and intriguing!

What are you waiting on this week?!
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Unknown said...

I really like the sound of this one, I heard about it last week and you've just reminded me to add it to my TBR. Thanks!
Happy Wednesday!

Jessirae said...

I'm very very excited to read this one too! It sounds amazing! I've been intrigued by elemental theme going on! I can't wait for this one to come out! Wonderful pick, Aeicha :D

Jessirae @ Words, Pages, and Books
My WoW

Amy said...

This sounds like a really good book, and I absolutely love the cover!!

Sara @ Forever 17 Books said...

I completely agree! The air element thing sounds so interesting and exciting! Cannot wait to read this one! :)
My W.O.W.

Jennifer said...

This sounds so cool! The cover is interesting and not a color you see to often in YA. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews