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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tatted Thursday (11): Fairy Tale Tattoos

Tatted Thursday is a weekly meme hosted here at Word Spelunking that features literary inspired tattoos .You can easily  participate by grabbing the picture above (or making your own) and posting your tattoo finds.

This week I'm looking at fairy tale inspired tats. Now, I know that many fairy tales  have been changed over the years, especially those that have been Disney-ized, but they all started as written stories...

How all fairy tales begin...

Beauty and the Beast
The rose, iconic of the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, can also be found in the earliest versions of this fairy tale.

There are many versions of Cinderella, but in all the versions, the fairy tale heroine always loses her slipper or shoe.

Little Red Riding Hood
No matter what version of this story you read, the red cape makes an appearance.

Sleeping Beauty
You can't have Sleeping Beauty without her fairy godmothers in some form

Rapunzel's long hair is important no matter what version you read.
(this is actually painted on a doll and not a real tattoo, but I love it so much I had to show it)

And how all fairy tales (should) end...

Whaddya think of these fairy tale inspired tats?!


Me said...

I am a huge fan of Tat's so I am soo excited for this Meme. Thank you so much!
Here's some of my finds!

Janie said...

I love the Beauty & the Beast one AND the Rapunzel one :)

Amy said...

I really like the Beauty and the Beast one. The Rapunzel one is absolutely amazing, but nothing I would want on me. I like the Little Red Riding Hood one too.